2 - Matt Kirchgasler

Matty Kirchgasler

DOB: 9/3/1991

Hometown:  Prior Lake, Minnesota

Resort:  Was Hyland Hills, MN. Now Breckenride, CO

Stance:  Regular

Boards:  Rome Garage Rocker

Bindings:  Rome Mob Boss

Boots:  Rome Libertine

Outerwear:  Analog

Goggles:  Anon

Sponsors:  The House Boardshop, Rome Snowboards

Why do you snowboard?:  Nothing brings me more joy than snowboarding. Snowboarding is somewhere that you can be creative and competitive and make it whatever you want it to be.

Snowboard Icon:  Danny Davis, Keegan Valaika, John Jackson, Mikkel Bang, & Tyler Anderson

First Trick:  Frontside 180° Tindy

Last Trick:  Frontside Doublecork 1080°

Gnarliest Spot:  Freeway Terrain Park…

First Memory:  Cruising Hyland Hills with the G Team!!

Last Love:  V.P.C.

Favorite Book:  Thrasher Mag

Favorite Video:  It Ain’t Easy EPI Films

Favorite Website:  theberrics.com

Hero/Heroine:  Batman

Inspirations:  Danny Kass, Terje, T Rice, Elijah Teter, Sam Larson, Brent Atchley, Mikkel Bang, Danny Davis, & Matt Guf