2 - Matt Chase HERO

Matt Chase

DOB: 7/31/1995

Hometown:  Chanhassen, MN

Resort:  Hyland Hills, MN

Stance:  Regular

Boards:  Burton Restricted Deja Vu 146

Bindings: Burton Malavita

Boots:  Burton Ion Leather

Outerwear:  Nomad Down Snowboard Jacket (Canteen)

Goggles:  Anon M2

Sponsors:  Burton, The House, & Runamuck Clothing

Why do you snowboard?  I love being able to glorify God by using a gift that He has given me. The act of progression on a snowboard exemplifies the work God does in my life and heart outside of snowboarding. Snowboarding is a painting of imperfection being redeemed and sanctified.

Snowboard Icon:  Jon Lord constantly reminds me that snowboarding is what you do, not who you are. We are defined by grace of Jesus Christ.

First Trick:  50-50

Last Trick:  Any trick I haven’t done before.  “Two more runs skip the last.” -Guf

Gnarliest Spot: We’ve got a roof gap spotted out for this season. Construction vests just came in so people think we’re supposed to be up there. We’ve already been on the roof and checked it all out so hopefully I’ll get a chance to give it a whirly this season.

First Memory:  Crying at my cousin’s house.

Favorite Book:  Bible

Favorite Video:  

Hero/Heroine:  Jesus Christ, Rob Dyrdek, & Travis Pastrana

Inspirations:  When I see a video or hear a story that is unique, creative, and innovative, it inspires me. Things that get my brain working. That’s what gives me new ideas and gets me excited about what I do.


1. Bizzle – Mr. Range Rover ft. Kay Richardson

2. Straight No Chaser – Hallelujah

3. Soulsavers- Revival

4. Warr Acres – Heaven Bound

5. Lecrae Church Clothes 2 Mixtape