2 - Kenny Peterson HERO

Kenny Peterson

DOB: 10/05/1991

Hometown: Blaine, MN

Stance: Regular

Board: Ello’ 8″

Trucks: Chrome Independents

Wheels: Any White Wheels

Bearings: Reds

Shoes: Size 9

Sponsors: The House Boardshop & Ello Skateboards

Why do you skate? Free my mind, Passion

First Trick: Kickflip

Last Trick: No Such Thing

Gnarliest Spot: “The Man Rail” off 35w and County Rd D

First Memory: Taking First Place In My First Competition

Last Love: One love – skateboarding

Favorite Book: Tony Hawk’s Autobiography

Favorite Video: Kill It

Favorite Website: Craigslist.org

Hero/Heroine: Og the skater without legs! Apparently..Nothing’s holding that guy back

Inspirations: Future Generations of Skateboarding to Advance the Sport