2 - Justine Pinkerton HERO

Justine Pinkerton

DOB:  6/20/1994
Hometown:  New Richmond, WI
Resort:  Trollhaugen
Stance:  Regular
Board:  Rome Wild Cat
Bindings:  Rome MFR
Boots:  Rome Memphis
Outerwear:  Flanel Lifestyles, Rome SDS
Goggles:  Ashbury
Why do you snowboard?  Because it’s fun.
Snowboard Icon:  Marie Hucal & MFR
First Trick:  Boardslide
Last Trick:  Cab 3
Gnarliest Spot:  Some place in Michigan
First Memory:  Trying to ride my brother’s snowboard in the back yard that was twice my size.
Last Love:  Die Anwoord
Favorite Book:  I don’t read
Favorite Video:  WFTC 2 & You Know My Function
Favorite Website:  Facebook
Hero/Heroine:  Mother
Inspirations:  Fellow riders at Trollhaugen and other female riders that kill it!
What’s the best part about being a girl snowboarder in the Midwest?
Riding in the Midwest is more of a tight-knit group where we all ride with each other rather than compete against each other. Being a girl in this aspect is really cool because you don’t really get the title of being a “girl snowboarder”, if you know what I mean.
If you had to dye your hair any neon color what would it be and why?
Blue, because it’s a rad color.
What’s the number one trick you want to stomp on a street rail this year?
I really want to get a backside boardslide through a big kink rail that I have my eye on in Michigan.
If you had to marry a celebrity who would it be?
I already got one.
How are you able to do 50 one armed pushups in a row?!