2 - Joe Scherer HERO

Joe Scherer

DOB: 6/5/1974

Hometown: Roberts, WI

Spot: Oakdale Skatepark or Minneapolis streets

Stance: Goofy

Board: 8.25″

Trucks: Krux

Wheels: Ricta 54mm

Bearings: Fast

Hardware: Long enough not to be short.

Shoes: Supra Hightops

Sponsors: The House Boardshop & Reckless and Rich Clothing

Why do you skate? All about the love of it!

Skate Icon: Justin Scherer

First Trick: Depends on my mood or place.

Last Trick: A badass run.

Gnarliest Spot: Minneapolis

First Memory: Buying my first used pro deck.

Favorite Book: What’s a book?

Favorite Video: Cheese and Crackers

Favorite Website: the-house.com and YouTube

Hero/Heroine: My Mom

Inspirations: My Family