Gabi Viteri

DOB:  8/26/1988

Hometown:  Breckenridge, Colorado

Resort:  Everywhere

Stance:  20”

Board:  Burton Lipstick

Bindings:  Burton Lexas

Boots:  Burton Axels

Outerwear:  Burton

Goggles:  Anon

Sponsors:  The House, Burton, Anon, Mimis Cookies Bar, SweetCheeks, Specialized, & Seshn

Why do you snowboard?  Because it makes me happy.

Snowboard Icon:  The Yeti

First Trick:  Turning

Last Trick:  Couble Dork

Gnarliest Spot:  Backcountry

First Memory:  Seeing the first kink rail put up at Copper Mountain for the first time and thinking it was SO crazy.

Last Love:  Breaking Bad

Favorite Book:  Fifty Shades of Grey

Favorite Video:  Technical Difficulties

Favorite Website:

Hero/Heroine:  My mom

Inspirations:  Family, Friends, people that are stoked on snowboarding, or passionate about anything really