Easton Gilman

DOB:  5/9/1994

Hometown:  Chisago City, MN

Resort:  Wild Mountain

Stance:  Goofey 20″ +15° -15°

Boards:  Lib Tech Skate banana

Bindings:  Union Force

Boots:  32 TM-2

Outerwear:  32

Goggles:  Giro Station

Sponsors:  The House Boardshop

Why do you snowboard?  Freedom.  Enjoyment.

Snowboard Icon:  Gigi Ruf

First Trick:  Indy

Last Trick:  Switch Backside 270°

Gnarliest Spot:  Mt. Hood Meadows, OR

First Memory:  Walking

Last Love:  Sushi

Favorite Book:  The Vision by Rick Joyner

Favorite Video:  Pale Rider

Favorite Website:  ebaumsworld.com

Hero/Heroine:  Craig Kelly

Inspirations:  Gigi Ruf, Chad Otterstrom