Danny Kern

DOB: October 18th 1991

Hometown: Shoreview, Minnesota

Spot: Little Canada Skatepark

Stance: Regular

Board: Anything around 8″

Trucks: Krux with the allen wrench

Wheels: Ricta

Bearings: Bones Reds and the spares that spin the best

Hardware: Good question.

Shoes: Vox Shoes from The House!

Sponsors: The House Boardshop & Ello Skateboards

Why do you skate?  To challenge myself, to chill with friends, and have fun.

First Trick:  Ollie

Last Trick: Frontside shoulder slide!

Gnarliest Spot: “The Man Rail” Hidden in New Brighten

First Memory: My parents love, and day care at Joe Leppala’s house!

Last Love:  Yikes

Favorite Video: Stay Gold

Favorite Website: Youtube

Hero/Heroine: My father

Inspirations: My friends I skate with, and warm weather