Colin Ryan

Date of Birth: 9/9/1981

Hometown: Brainerd, MN

Years Wakeboarding: 13 seasons/years or so. Not sure. I’ve been riding since the unidirectional Eric Perez pro model days.

What pro (any era) would you most want to ride with? I rode with Harris in 1999, but would like to do it again. Shapiro and Murray. On top of them, I already ride with the best right here in Minnesota. Have you ever ridden with Stuart Sawdey?

Biggest Loves: My daughter, family, friends and health. Wakeboarding is all about being in the sun, out in the boat with a bunch of people that you love to be around making memories. Other than that, nature itself.

Worst Hates: Transitional seasons in Minnesota. Having to drive to the North Shore or UP to snowmobile the last few years due to lack of snow. People that take sports like wakeboarding, snowboarding, etc too serious that they don’t have fun.

Music: Classical and gangsta rap. Mostly reggae and punk rock or whatever they call it today.

Best Trips Ever: Too many. Snowboarding a few times a year in the Rockies. 8 day trip rafting the Grand Canyon. Rafting the mighty Zambezi in Zimbabwe/Zambia, Africa. Wakeboarding in the mountains of South Africa to name a few.

Local Riding Spot: Secret, MN

First trick of the day? (What feels most natural?): A big upple dup hoochie.