Cody Thornberg

Cody Thornberg

DOB:  04/09/1991

Hometown: Cedar, MN

Resort: Wild Mountain

Skis:  ARMADA —– Wide.

Bindings:  Salomon/4FRNT/Look

Boots:  SPK

Outerwear: ARMADA

Goggles:  Depends on the day/lighting.

Sponsors:  The House, Armada, Wild Mountain.

Why do you ski?  It’s the only thing on this planet that truly makes me feel care-free. All worries of the day-to-day life disappear when I stomp into my bindings. Not to mention, it’s a load of fun.

First Trick:  First trick when I show up is usually always the stock 360-Tweaked Mute.

Last Trick: Before I call ‘er quits for the day I try to end on a high-note. Cork 900-Mute or Backflip.

Gnarliest Spot: Mt. Baker Washington.

Favorite Book:  YOU Forever.

Favorite Video:  FEW Words.

Favorite Website:  theCHIVE

Hero/Heroine:  Papa Bear.

Inspirations:  My friends, truly. Nothing is more fun than to get a group together to go out and enjoy the same outdoor activities. Watching each and every one of them progress at different levels and times. Progression; because it’s never ending. Energy beverages help facilitate this process as well. Fresh air, and feeling good. INSPIRED!