Brennen Swanson

Hometown: Stillwater, MN

Current Location:  Stillwater, MN

Sponsors:  Ride Snowboards, Giro, Neff, Kicker Audio, and The House.

Children (pets do count):  Harley!!! My Great Dane!

Riding Years:  18

Current set-up “e.g.” board, boots, binding, and outerwear:  Ride DH 155, Ride Contrabands Bindings, Ride Crew Focus BOA boots, Ride Cappel outerwear, Giro Station PK goggles, Shiv Helmet, Neff beanie, and Neckie

What do you need that you do not have?  Free Airfare

How do you like your coffee or tea?  Not very into them… I get jittery.

What is your favorite food? Anything Mexican. I heart Acapulco’s Restaurant!!!!

What’s your Favorite place to be when you’re not snowboarding?  With my family and friends.

How did you get into snowboarding?  My dad Rick!! I was his shredding pal.

Describe your perfect day or dream vacation:  Simple. Wake up to beautiful morning and spend the day on the St.Croix River.

What is something that no one knows about you?  Well this is spreading quickly, but I did a double backie on roller blades at the Minnesota State Fair when I was like 13.

How many board do you currently own?  I have lots of old boards and other stuff for good memories.

If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would that be?  Stillwater, MN. On a boat on the St. Croix River.

What was your first board?  Ride DH!!!

Who inspires you keep you going?  All my friends!!!!

The craziest place you have ever been too?  New Zealand, Japan or Korea

Who do you regularly ride with?  My homies from station. Check out Utah and Colorado Homies.