Brandon Kirkland


DOB: 5/16/00

Hometown: St Louis Park, MN

Resort: Hyland Hills, MN

Stance: Regular; 15 on the front binding and 12 on the back

Boards: Rome Label 135

Bindings: Rome 390 Boss

Boots: 32 lashed

Outerwear: A Neff or Rome Hoodie and Holden snowpants

Goggles: Electric EG 2.5

Sponsors: Rome, Phunkshun Wear, Neff, & The House

Why do you snowboard?  Why not ?

Snowboard Icon: Seb Toots, Dan Brisse, and Ethan Deiss

First Trick: A Shifty

Last Trick: Back Rodeo

Gnarliest Spot: A jump off my balcony and over my mom’s garden

First Memory: When my cousins stole my favorite stuff animal

Last Love: My new Rome board

Favorite Book: “Spirit Bear” by Ben Mikaelsen

Favorite Video:

Favorite Website:

Hero/Heroine: My Mom & Dad

Inspirations: When I watch edits and get hyped to go ride.