Andy Nintzel

Andy Nitzel

Date of Birth: 4/16/1981

Hometown: White Bear Lake, MN

Years Wakeboarding: To tell you the truth I don’t Really know, If it helps you figure it out, The H.O. Hyperlite Pro was my first Board.

Other Sponsors: O’Brien Wakeboards and Bindings, Helium, Utopia Optics, OneWest Clothing, Pro Tec Helmets,, FlyHigh.

Biggest Loves: My Girl, My Dogs, Family and Friend (you know who you are). Wakeboarding, the sound for X-Star at 7 in the morning on a buttery 50 degree day, Wakeskating, snowboarding. I just love the feeling I get standing sideways on a board.

Worst Hates: KOOKS! People that take these board sports to seriously, you started it cause it was fun, so stop if you aren’t! Getting Rookied on my wakeboard (full frontal edgecatch). The end of the Minnesota Season! Fall SUCKS!

Music: In the Words of Andre’ 3000, “I love it as long as there is that Tick, Tick, followed by that Bump. Hip Hop all the time in my Boat, with the occasional I want to kill myself Punk Rock Album tossed in the mix, when its time to learn a new move and take a beating.

Best Trip Ever: Every time I go to Vancouver/Whistler it gets hard and hard to leave……Maybe its the Trees….

Local Riding Spot: Bald Eagle Lake, and few shhhhhh…..Secret spots, around Northern MN.

First trick of the day? (What feels most natural?): A huge WakeSlash, followed by a Big Old Method (which is a move, not a grab).

Favorite Trick: Today, Method to Blind.