Alex Taran

DOB:  09/30/86

Hometown: Anywhere my car’s currently parked

Resort: Snowbird, UT/ Nevados de Chillan, Chile

Skis:  Icelantic Nomads or Icelantic Vangaurd

Bindings:  Dynafit or Look

Boots:  Lange

Outerwear:  Mountain Hardwear

Goggles:  Zeal Optics

Sponsors:  The House, Icelantic Skis, Mountain Hardwear, Zeal

Optics, Panda Poles

Why do you ski?  Community, Connection, Laughing as much as

humanly possible

First Trick:  Spready

Last Trick: Skiing lines that make me pucker a bit

Gnarliest Spot: Cerro Castillo, Patagonia

Favorite Book:  Dharma Bums- Kerouac, or Desert Solitaire- Ed Abbey

Favorite Video: Rocky Horror Picture Show

Favorite Website:  www.southamericanbeaconproject.com
Hero/Heroine:  Anyone who has the strength to start his or her own initiative.

Inspirations:  Greg Stump films, my friends edits, and people who are generally stoked
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