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Womens Burton Snowboard Jackets in stock at The-House.com. We carry the largest selection of Womens Burton Snowboard Jackets for you to choose from. Burton Womens Jackets are designed to keep you warmer, drier and looking better than any other rider on the mountain. These jackets are manufactured with DRYRIDE and perfect for snowboarding, skiing, hiking or just having a night out on the tow. The House Boardshop has been slinging snowboard gear at the best prices since 1982.
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Burton wrote the book on various fits for outerwear. If denim has options like boot cut, skinny, ultra skinny, cigarette, straight leg, high waist, hip hugger and loose fit, why can’t our snowboarding outfits? Well, it doesn’t have to be as complex as choosing toothpaste. Burton broke their women’s fits down into four categories…

  • Boyfriend Fit – Longer and straighter for a more progressive look, Boyfriend Fit is for the gal burt-cora-pullover-jkt-rawedgeprnt-wmns-13-zoomwho isn’t afraid to express her personal style. The jackets flaunt slightly longer arms and bit more room in the chest, while the pants have some more wiggle room in the hips and a wider cuff. While the Boyfriend Fit is a relaxed look, every piece still has a feminine edge. Jackets with the Boyfriend Fit include the Cora Pullover , Foxx Down, GMP Elenor, Prism Gore-Tex, and Prowess.
  • Signature Fit – With enough room to layer without being overly baggy, Burton’s Signature Fit is the tried-and-true silhouette that’s flattering on all body types. A slightly tailored waist gives that perfect girly edge. Sig Fit is the most popular fit, so Burton made more than a handful of head turning jackets to choose from - Dandridge Down, Delerium, GMP Revo, Logan, Method, Scarlet, Skylar Gore-Tex, Tonic, Tula and Varsity.
  • burt-dandridge-down-jkt-hotstreakclrblck-wmns-13-zoomAK Fit – Built for backcountry powder missions, hikes to a secret stash and the windiest lift ride imaginable, the AK Fit has plenty of room to wiggle and layer. Every piece is constructed with waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex material, so it’s imperative that the fit doesn’t hold the rider back. You’ll never feel the knees pulling or the pants gapping at the lower back. The jacket and pant will stay put so you won’t have to worry about adjusting your threads if you bail on kicker. Sold? Check the AK 2L Altitude Jacket.
  • Slim Fit – Ahh yes. Slim Fit is for the fashion forward ladies who like to, um, show a little leg on the mountain. Well, not really, but Slim Fit does give you that leg hugging feeling of confidence. The jackets have a narrower chest and make for a very flattering jacket that flaunts the rider’s curves. Rest assured, every Slim Fit piece is still incredibly rider friendly built for mobility, comfort and warmth. This season, choose from the Jet Set, Penelope, Tabloid, TWC Broomsticks, TWC Fulltime Flirt, TWC Memphis or TWC Sugartown.

Boarding School – Outerwear Fit

Narrator – All fits in Burton outerwear are tailored specifically for the movements of riding. The fit options are based on personal choice and style.
Kimmy – Don’t you think it’s a little cliche to have a girl for this skit?
Narrator – What do you mean?
Kimmy – Guys are just as concerned with how their jacket and pants fit as girls are. I mean, look at this diagram. See, men actually have more fit options than women.
Narrator – That’s true.
Kimmy – And don’t even get me started on the Boyfriend Fit. What the?
Narrator – All Burton fits are designed for riding. And fit options are based on personal preference.
Kimmy – You already said that. Anyways, I guess I’m over reacting. The Boyfriend Fit is actually kind of nice.
Narrator – The Boyfriend Fit, like all fits by Burton, is pretty nice.

Burton Snowboards History:
In the mid-60's, Jake Burton was one of thousands of kids to get hooked on Sherman Poppen's Snurfer, the earliest commercial form of the modern snowboard. It might have only been a department store toy, but it was still surfing on snow. Shocked that not much had progressed ten years later, Jake bid the Manhattan business world farewell to become a snowboard shaper. He moved to Londonderry, Vermont and started making and riding his first boards. The world's first snowboard factory was born. The year was 1977.

In the first few years, snowboarding was an underground sport struggling on sledding hills and snowcovered golf courses. As long as riders had to hike, it could only progress so far. To move the industry and riding to the next level, Jake lobbied hard for local ski areas to open their lifts to snowboarders. In 1982, Suicide Six Resort in Pomfret, Vermont was the first resort to allow snowboarding. Soon after, Jake succeeded in convincing Stratton Mountain in Vermont to give it a shot, thereby establishing a joint commitment to snowboarding that continues to this day. Others followed - Jay Peak, Stowe, Sugarbush, Killington - some sooner, some much later. The opening of eastern resorts not only led to growth for the sport, it became a major factor in Burton's continual product innovation. Edgeless wooden boards that were fine in powder no longer cut it on the hardpack and sometimes icy conditions at Vermont mountain resorts. To handle the hardpacked snow, Burton developed the Performer Elite, a board with a P-tex base, metal edges and bindings with hi-backs.

The early years were an experiment in grassroots business. In the second year, Burton Snowboards moved into a farmhouse in Manchester, Vermont - the facility that went on to produce such classics as Burton's Backhill and Performer snowboards. Working in the living room, dining room, basement and barn, a crew of four to five people produced, sold and repaired all the early Burton models. Jake's toll-free customer service line rang in the bedroom, at all hours. In the middle of the night, Jake took down orders from snowboarders all over the country. If orders for boards were low, Jake loaded up his Volvo wagon and visited up to ten shops a day offering his latest designs. From the livingroom/showroom, employees led "Safaris" - snowboard tours of local powder stashes. Turns were earned by hiking.

On the outskirts of Burlington, Vermont sits an office with an old chairlift spanning the parking lot and a skate ramp out back. The current location of over 25 years of innovation and commitment to the sport, this company has roots that run deep into the history of snowboarding. The company is Burton Snowboards - the world's first snowboard factory. And this is how it all started.

In 1992, Burton Snowboards moved from its Manchester location to Burlington, Vermont. The same motivation that took Jake from the garage in Londonderry to the barn in Manchester guided Burton from Manchester to Burlington: the commitment to making the world's best snowboarding equipment and growing the sport. Upon arrival in Burlington, the Burton Air snowboard was state-of-the-art. Today, the Codes and the Powers are the boards snowboarders ride to the podium. The same heart that beat years ago in a garage in Londonderry, Vermont still beats strong within the ever-expanding walls of Burton's modern facilities in Burlington and the two affiliate offices in Japan and Austria. Two things matter more than all else: riders and riding. They always have and always will.

Burton Snowboards has been involved in the competitive side of the sport since the beginning. March 2002 marked the 20th anniversary of the U.S. Open Snowboarding Championships - an event for snowboarders by snowboarders. Then and now, it is the premier contest each year, drawing the best riders in the world. The Open has been the perennial venue of legendary riding: Doug Bouton hitting 63 mph on a Backhill snowboard, Craig Kelly dominating the pipe with his signature smooth riding, Jeff Brushie and Terje Haakonsen going head to head with huge McTwists. The early success of the U.S. Open helped further legitimize the sport and increase mountain resort area acceptance.
(Taken from www.burton.com)

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