Burton snowboard jackets will keep your body heat in, keep the cold out and have plenty of places for your gear so you can focus on carving up the slopes and be prepared for anything. Burton uses quality materials to put together a variety of different jacket styles to suit wants and desires.
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What’s so sick about this:

  • 3/2 means how much insulation is in the jacket
  • Slightly less insulated sleeves for greater range of motion
  • Cargo Pockets lined with fleece to warm your hands
  • Music pocket
  • Powder Skirtwith Zip Links to attach to pants
  • ALS lining which brings your body heat back to you
  • Pit Zips for ventilation
  • Colder to mid climate jacket

burton dryride jacket

If you’re like many savvy consumers of today, a purchase that serves several purposes and has a long life span is worth every penny. How about a flannel shirt that wicks moisture, breaths, adds a layer of warmth and looks clean enough to wear to a parent teacher conference? Burton has made this possible with their Tech Apparel line. Long are the days of wearing cotton hoodies to the mountain. Well, some people still do it. They’re easily recognizable with chunks of snow glued to their cotton snow magnet that hangs beneath the jacket. Wearing anything cotton while snowboarding is just plain silly. Because we’re snowboarders, we don’t want to look like a goof wearing a nerdy mock turtle neck base layer either. Snowboarding is all about style and individuality on the mountain…in the lodge and at happy hour!

This year, the designers at Burton bumped up a few pieces of their tech apparel line with Burton DryRide Mist-Defy. In addition to being quick drying and moisture wicking like the rest of the tech apparel line, DryRide Mist-Defy pieces also water repellent. They look and feel like street wear, but perform like a regular jacket. Take your pick from these mountain and street friendly killer pieces…

Burton Repel FlannelMEN
Dags Flannel Jacket
Sabath Fleece
Tusk Jacket
Repel Flannel

Pick Up Fleece 

Select Burton Tech apparel styles have been enhanced with DryRide Mist-Defy. Water repellent, quick drying and moisture wicking, it performs on and off the mountain while maintaining soft, stretchy and comfortable benefits of cotton.  Read more about Burton DryRide Tech here.

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Remember when Mom used to dress you in the thickest jacket for winter? The “Mom Test” really doesn’t hold true anymore. Whether waiting for the bus, walking to class or tearing through the trees, a warm, compressible winter jacket with less bulk is where it’s at these days. As far as snowboarding goes, what a drag it’d be to feel restricted when  launching a huge Japan Air. Burton came up with an incredible solution through a blend of 3M™  Thinsulate™, which is a high loft insulation made of compressible microfibers that keep you warm. Compared to any synthetic (non-down) insulation, it’s truly one of the best. Guys, pick your poison – Arctic Jacket, Breach JacketFaction Jacket, Groucho Jacket, Hackett Jacket2L Gore-Tex® Highland Jacket, Highlife AnorakPoacher Jacket, Squire Jacket. Ladies, have at it – Delerium Jacket, Elenor JacketJetset Jacket, Logan Jacket, Method Jacket, Penelope Jacket , Prism Gore-Tex Jacket or  Scarlet Jacket.

Burton team riders require ultimate mobility and comfort in all conditions. With 3M, Burton found a progressive solution through a blend of 3M™ Thinsulate™  , an insulation constructed from unique, hi-loft microfibers for increased warmth with less bulk. Breathable, water resistant and durable, it’s proving there’s substance to the cliche, “less is more.”

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There’s a wind prone torture section of the quad just above the crest of the first peak that always draws your shoulders right up to your ears. When you pull your jacket collar up over your face, the fleece interior gets damp and your goggles sometimes fog. We’ve all experienced this at one point or another. These days, snowboarding jackets often have extended collars that are intended to act as extra protection for your neck and face. Burton developed the Blowhole Collar, which allows your damp breath to dump out the collar. That way, your goggles won’t fog. Your jacket collar won’t get all wet and gross. Best of all, the vent won’t let the cold air creep in the jacket since it’s strategically placed on the sides of the collar with a slit, mesh opening. Bam! Take that cold lift rides. Check out Burton Snowboard Jackets for the life changing Blowhole Collar.

The Burton Blowhole Collar is a ventilation system that lets you breath easily without fogging goggles, icing up or overheating. When you dip your chin into the jacket’s collar to avoid the cold, your breath and condensation is channeled through the collar away from your face and goggles. Steady visibility through goggles can be key for someone riding all day.

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Do you like the best of the best? Do you like your purchase to deliver year after year? Look no further. Burton’s AK outerwear line is all that and more. Every piece is constructed with Gore-Tex®, the legendary fabric that’s guaranteed to keep you warm and dry. Before we dive in any deeper, let’s start with the acronym, ‘AK.’ What the heck is that? ALASKA, of course! Perhaps the best, untouched snowboarding is found way up north. Think thousands of acres of mountainous terrain with fluffy, white, perfect snow. You’ll need a sled, cat or heli to get to the goods. Lifts don’t exist in these parts. You’ll also need some solid snowboarding experience, a guide, beacon, avalanche safety equipment, some lungs and some kick a** snowboarding outerwear. If Burton’s AK outerwear line is tough enough for Alaska, it’s certainly lives up to being best in class.

Burton has devoted a ton of R & D to their AK line. It’s basically a test laboratory for new technologies that will eventually trickle down to the regular Burton line. Riders like Terije Haakonsen, Jussi Oksanen and John Jackson ride AK for comfort, style and the ultimate protection against the elements. Whether hiking the pipe or dipping out of bounds for freshies, you can be certain that AK outerwear will keep you warm and dry while allowing the garment to breath. Say good bye to sweaty and clammy days ripping some pow. Seriously, AK Gore-Tex really is all that. The most popular jackets for 2013 include the 2L Cyclic Jacket, 2L Stagger Jacket, 2L LZ Down Jacket, 3L Freebird Jacket and 3L Hover Jacket. For pants, dip into the 2L Stagger Pant, 2L Cyclic Pant or 3L Freebird Bib Pant. Whatever you choose, we promise you won’t be disappointed. AK is worth every penny.

We incorporate Gore-Tex® fabric into the entire AK outerwear line for riders seeking the ultimate in comfort and durable waterproof, breathable protection. Gore-tex® is so confident in their gear that they back every product with their guaranteed to keep you dry promise.

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If you enjoy spending your free time tearing up the slopes and working on tricks at the park, you need Burton snowboard jackets. These jackets have been designed and tested to take on the cold, wind and snow to keep you toasty warm so that you can continue to leave your mark on the mountain. The variety of styles makes it possible for everyone to find the right mix of features and materials, so that you get the right jacket that lets you dust yourself off and jump right back into any challenge as you play in the snow.