Premier Snowskates

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Premier Snowskates

About Premier Snowskates:
Premier, the original and authentic Snowskating Company, continues to bring the best snowskating experiences to both newcomers and long time devotees. With annual events such as the X Games and NBC's Next Snow Search, Premier is continually increasing its presence and appeal.

This year Premier has much in store for the season. Expect to see new Premier Snowskate Parks popping up, a season long rider contest, a Premier DVD unparalleled in quality, and much more... not to mention this newly revamped website!

We are currently in the works of partnering with a few key resorts and Rye Airfield, the largest indoor Skateboard Park in North America. Rye Airfield is significant in our expansion movement, as it is the first skateboard park to ever open a Premier Snowskate Park.

Our team riders are on top of their game as well. They are pushing the limits with their style and technique, landing tricks that were once thought only doable by skateboarders. Phil Smage is currently perfecting the kickflip backslide 5050 on a 9 stair rail, a trick not yet common to the snow.

Premier continues to encourage everyone to get out there and ride. If you're a novice or die-hard, we have skates for you... and there are plenty of open fields, parks, benches, and backyards for exploration.
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