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It will be important to have a good pair of gloves while riding. Your hands will have a high chance of getting wet from strapping in and standing up or sitting down so it is important to have a pair of gloves that will be water proof. Your gloves will also need to be really durable for using tow ropes or if your going to be grabbing your boards sharp steel edges. There are a few general categories of gloves so it is important to know what conditions and temperatures you will be riding in to get the right ones.

Pipe Gloves

Pipe gloves are a very thin glove and are usually for freestyle riders. These gloves work better for freestyle riders because they are going to be in the terrain park a lot moving around and generating a lot of their own heat. But they are also good a types of riders for spring riding conditions. Because they are so thin they have really good dexterity. Most will have silicone on the palm to provide good grip with the board. It is a good light weight and flexible option for protecting your hands.

Basic Glove

The basic glove is going to be much more insulated. The outer “shell” fabric, usually Gortex, is going to be waterproof and breathable. On the inside there will be poly-fill insulation. The poly-fill is going to be what keeps the warmth up in the glove. This structure of the glove will still allow for the glove to be dexterous and they will still have good palm grip and durability.


Mittens are going to be the best option for colder temperatures. Keeping the figures together helps to keep in warmth by preventing the wind from moving through the fingers individually and taking away a lot of heat. This type of glove will be particularity nice for anyone with circulation problems or for women who generally have a harder time keeping warm. The outer shell of mittens is also going to be Gortex to make it waterproof and breathable and grip on the palms. Most mittens will have a vent for hand warmer packs for the really cold days.

Convertible Systems

A convertible system is either a glove or mitten that has a liner glove inside. The liner is removable and will work great by itself on warmer days. Some liners will have a silicone grip like the pipe gloves. They are very dexterous so they work great for on the chair lift when needing more ample use of your fingers without exposing your hands to the cold air. On the really cold days the liner gloves are extra insulation to the shell glove or mitten. The convertible gloves or mittens will be able to keep your hands comfortable throughout a wider range of conditions.

Other Features

Some other features of the glove or mittens will vary between brands and models. Some will have a jacket gauntlet. It can be used over or under a jacket sleeve, but it is designed to be big enough to go over the sleeve. Then with one pull on the cord running through the gauntlet it will cinch tight around the sleeve to prevent any snow from getting in. Some will have a thinner gauntlet to fit under the cuff of the jacket sleeve.

It is important to know that generally with a mitten or glove you get what you pay for. So comparing prices  with other gloves will usually tell you which is a higher quality.

Extremities have the least amount of blood flow in your body, so keeping them warm is of the utmost importance for hours of fun on the slopes. The best way to keep your hands warm is knowing which snowboard gloves best suit your needs and sticking with the reputable brands like Burton, Dakine or Celtek.

Most gloves nowadays have some type of box cut finger and articulation of the hand. This yields a better fit, better wrap and just plain enhances the overall comfort of the glove. Such designs also allow room for insulation in the glove to further enhance the wamth factor. Fabrics used in gloves are very similar, if not the same, as those used in jackets and pants – waterproof coating on outside combined with a waterproof membrane on the inside.

Some gloves even have a vent on the back of the hand, which improves air circulation on the inside. Gloves with a vent are best for those who tend to get clammy or sweaty hands on the slopes. On the other end of the spectrum, mittens are ideal for those with cold hands (ladies!).

A glove that fits well should allow you to strap in and out of your bindings smoothly. It should feel comfortable and not restrict movement too much. If it’s too big or too small, hands will not stay warm, nor will they be happy. If it’s too small, the glove will have tendency to bunch up in the fingers, while dexterity and comfort will be lost. If the glove is too big, the extra material will feel bulky and the additional space on the inside will be more difficult to heat.

Now that we’re schooled in snowboard gloves 101, let’s get down to the nitty gritty of specific types of snowboard gloves. We’re not talking about brands, but rather styles. Keep in mind that most snowboarders own at lest a couple pair of gloves for different temperatures, conditions and types of snowboarding.

  • Under Gloves – Designed to seamlessly fit underneath a snowboard cuff, under gloves are excellent at burt-approach-under-glvs-rasta-13-zoomkeeping snow off your wrists. They have a velcro cuff on the wrist for a smooth entry and exit. It can be tightened or loosened up for a customized fit. All snowboard jackets these days have  an adjustable velcro cuff specifically designed to pair up with under gloves. With less bulk and material, under gloves are the most popular glove style on the market. Even after a huge wipeout or a sick pow run, the snow will have a difficult time finding it’s way into your gloves.
  • Over Gloves – With a large gauntlet extending from the hand portion of the glove, over gloves are easily identifiable. They extend over a snowboard cuff just beyond the wrist. Many have a an elastic string on the end of the gauntlet that can be tightened once the gloves are on. Over gloves  more of a traditional style and were synonymous with snowboarding in the 80’s and 90’s. They’re still quite popular as many people find them easy to get on and off . Riders are also attracted to the trusted, long lived reputation of over gloves.burt-podium-glvs-trublk-heronblu-marauder-13-zoom
  • Pipe Gloves – Grabs, goggle adjustments on the fly and carrying your board up the pipe for hiking missions are made a whole lot easier with pipe specific gloves. Pipe gloves have the most amount of dexterity compared to any other glove style. A thin profile and lack of insulation makes for a very minimal glove. Pipe gloves also have grippy palms and fingers making grabs much more efficient. Pipe gloves are also extremely popular for warmer days on the  mountain or for those who tend to run hot in their hands. Some guys in areas like Colorado or California wear pipe gloves year round. With a proper fit and a good brand, they’ll  feel like a second skin.
  • Insulated Gloves – To bump up the warmth factor, insulated gloves are ideal for the vast majority of snowboarders. Varying degrees of insulation and materials make up the wide range of choices on the market. Every reputable company that makes snowboard gloves offers a range of price options. Like all other products, you get what you pay for. If cold hands force you to hit the lodge after every run, it might be time to dive into a high end insulated glove constructed with down or a down-like insulation.dakine-impreza-glv-cobalt-13-zoom
  • Gore-Tex Gloves – For  ultimate protection from the elements, Gore-Tex gloves are the answer. They’re waterproof, windproof and breathable. The brand has been around for over 50 years and has become a household name for decades. All Gore-Tex products come with a hang tag that guarantees comfort and protection for life. Ready for the burliest conditions imaginable on the mountain, Gore-Tex gloves allow the hands to breath, while keeping the snow and rain out. You won’t be disappointed!