Rossignol Snowboard Boots

Rossignol Snowboard Boots in stock with tons of styles to choose from at The House Boardshop. Mens Rossignol Snowboard Boots have 100 years of high performance manufacturing behind them to keep you shredding hard all day long. Rossignol delivers massive style, support and durability with all of the warmth and comfort that you would expect from a brand that has been a world leader for 100 years. We know you want to get out on the slopes and ride, that's why we'll ship out your new Rossignol Boots within 24 hours Monday- Friday.

Rossignol Snowboard Boots

Size: 8
Reg: $129.95 On Sale: $107.95
Rossignol History:
Rossignol is over 100 years old. 100 years during which we have always been thrilled by the mountains, 100 years of passionate commitment, 100 years in which we have lived our professional skills to the full.

Icon of the past, symbol of the present, Rossignol, inspired by our roots and our exceptional historical heritage, has built the future every day. Another milestone in our brand's development is that we now have developed an authentically modern Mountain life style, with Hard and Soft goods for the winter and the summertime too.

In short, we aim to be known as the most progressive and authentic mountain brand on the market. We live for the mountains, because we need to experience the mountains every day of every year. Begin with the world’s best athletes. Listen to them. Outfit them. Make them better.

Before, it was only about product and specs and design. And it still is, but now our innovations have a pulse, a human desire, and a meaning. Under our technology beats a heart. We use this expertise to create technical gear to do the stuff we love to do. Then we use the same intensity to create all that is casual. Because that’s how we live in the mountains: through product that enhances the lifestyle.

We are a fundamental ingredient of the lifestyle. We are part of the lexicon. Not just the most respected brand, but a word that is synonymous with great memories, epic adventures and incredible friends. And yes, anyone can say they’re an authentic mountain sports lifestyle brand. We can prove it.

With our athlete-based R&D, our leading technology and our real connection to the mountains. To most, the mountains are a part of the environment. Not for us. For us, the mountains are the blood that flows in our veins. This is the place where we become who we were meant to be. Here the air is different. Cleaner, cooler, fresher. It enables a sense of freedom and space that opens the mind and encourages adventure. And it challenges us to accomplish the unimaginable. The mountains give us a sense of place within a complex space. They deliver energy and inspire. Here we find ourselves. And whether it’s dropping a cornice, grinding rails, capturing first tracks or simply climbing to the top, these mountains feed those who love them.

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