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Best Selection of Womens Flow Snowboard Bindings at The House Boardshop. Womens Flow Snowboard Bindings offer one of the most comfortable and easy to use bindings on the market. Flow uses a one-piece Power Strap and a reclining hi-back that make strapping and unstrapping one fluid motion. Flow's Power Strap design conforms to your boot, eliminating painful pressure points commonly associated with traditional 2 strap systems. Thew House offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our Flow Bindings.

Flow Snowboard Bindings

Size: Medium (6-9.5)
Reg: $159.99 On Sale: $120.95
Size: Medium (6-9.5)
Reg: $189.99 On Sale: $141.95
About Flow Snowboarding:
Flow is the number two snowboard binding company in the world. An achievement such as this doesn't take place overnight; it takes perseverance, commitment to product innovation and a product that stands apart from the rest. For Flow, success has been 10 years in the making.

Flow got its start when in 1992 Neil Pryde of NeilPryde Ltd, the leading brand of windsurfing sails and equipment, and Reinhardt Hansen formerly of F2 Windsurfing turned marketer decided to explore opportunities in the snowboarding market. The pair saw a need in the snowboarding market for an improved binding technology. The sport at the time was relatively young, gaining acceptance, and starting its rapid growth phase. Snowboarding technology was still fairly crude and there was much room for improvement. Mr. Pryde and Mr. Hansen employed product designer Werner Jettmar to make a snowboard binding that was more convenient than a two-strap, more comfortable than hard shell boots and plate, and gave the sensation of the "barefoot feel." Werner set to work, and began the creation of a new soft binding, that would soon be known to the world as Flow.

What sets Flow apart from the two-strap binding is Flow's patented Power Triangle. A triangle is formed by the high tensile steel cable that connects the hi-back to the base-plate. This triangle gives the rider the ability to easily transfer greater energy to the board while exerting less physical energy, resulting in the most responsive ride available from any binding. Other features that are specific to Flow are the one- piece Power Strap and the reclining hi-back. The Power Strap is ideally formed to fit around the riders boot, virtually eliminating painful pressure points that are a common problem with two-strap bindings. The reclining hi-back drops down to allow the rider to enter the binding with one easy step, pivots back up and is snapped into position in one easy motion. This is the fastest and easiest entry system seen on the slopes today.

In 1995, Flow kicked off a complementary snowboard boot line. In order to achieve the "barefoot feel" the designers decided to forego traditional liner style boots and went with an integrated liner, in order to give a more precise and close fitting anatomical fit. Creating an integrated liner proved to have it challenges both in manufacturing and in the market. Today, the boots have evolved to include heat moldable liners that can be molded for exact fit. The new '06/'07 line has features such as an articulating cuff, articulating tongue, Airtek soles, and a material called Flow Form which alleviates and cushions pressure points.

The Flow line of bindings and boots was first introduced to the public in 1996 at the annual ISPO Sports Tradeshow in Munich. The interest generated at the show was huge, although it would take several more years to take the Flow brand to the mainstream.

In 2002 Flow added a complementary line of 14 snowboards , all manufactured in Austria and featuring tip to tail wood cores. The addition of the board line completed the package and made Flow a virtual integrated riding system. Termed T3 or Triple Threat Technology . Flow designs each product to be used in the Flow system providing a superior riding performance when used together. It was the goal of the design team to make sure that Flow maintained compatibility with other branded products in order to give the option to its customers to use other branded products. Keeping with the unique nature of the brand, the '06/'07 board line will bring in new technologies using materials that have not yet been seen in the snowboarding world. The top of the line boards use titanal to bring greater energy transmission, greater stability and a smooth ride to the boards. Flow will call this new technology Whiskey X . This new technology will be the first time any brand will truly draw a connection between the binding and the board making for a real story of energy transmission from rider, to boot, to binding and into the board. The rider's energy and his equipment have now gained a level of harmony never before seen in the world of snowboarding. Every year Flow boards have been on the market, they have seen marked improvements, this year winning a coveted Transworld Good Wood Award.

In late 2002, the management of the brand, which had previously been in Austria, was moved across the Atlantic to settle in San Francisco. The reason was to focus on achieving the same success in the US market that Flow had seen in Europe where Flow already enjoyed double- digit market shares in most regions. Anthony Scaturro was named President of the brand, and new marketing, product development, and sales teams were put into place. In 2005, the offices headed south to San Clemente, CA and into the heart of the action sports industry. Much has changed since the early years of the Flow brand. What was first seen as an outsider brand has pushed its way to the number two spot in binding sales worldwide. This is quite an achievement when considering the deep pockets of previously established brands that have been at it long before Flow came to market, as well as the resistance to change inherent in human nature. In 2004 Flow came to the tradeshows with the slogan "First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they copy you." This rang true as rival brands showed for the first time their version of the Flow binding. The one key feature missing from other reclining hi-backs was the Patented Power Triangle, the vital feature that makes a Flow binding ultra responsive. Finally after 10 years of hard work to break down preconceived barriers about what a binding should look like, Flow has reached the mainstream. After all, imitation is the highest form of flattery.
(Taken from www.flow.com)<

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