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Burton Snowboard Bindings available in tons of models and colors with fast, free shipping when ordered at The House Boardshop. Mens Burton Snowboard Bindings feature lifetime warranties on the baseplates, super cush straps and smooth glide ratchets. There's a reason why more pros rock Burton Bindings than any other brand. Buy your binders with The House Boardshop and they'll come with30 years of service.
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Burton Binding Formats 2013

On top of picking out your dope new jacket and sweet pants for this season, you’ll also need to determine which board, boot and bindings you’ll be hittin the mountain with this year. Maybe you’re using a board from last season, but would like to upgrade your bindings. Vice versa or whatever the case, you’ll need to be sure your bindings are compatible with your board. Burton makes three binding formats, EST, Reflex and Disc, so there isn’t a board on the planet that can’t bond with a Burton binding.

EST bindings are the cream of the crop…and for good reason. Every Burton team rider rocks EST bindings and you should, too! EST bindings are designed to pair up with Burton boards containing The Channel. They’ve come down in price this season, so flippin burgers will allow you to join in on the EST fun. EST bindings allow you to be as close as possible to your board – in other words, they allow for a natural flex of the board since the baseplete is made of EVA foam. Check them out…
Cartel EST
Custom EST
Diode EST
Genesis EST
Malavita EST
Mission EST

Reflex bindings are a hybrid of EST and traditional Disc bindings. They are a have more flex on the base than a disc binding, but not quite as much as EST bindings. They are compatible with every board from all manufacturers. Pick your poison…



Disc bindings are traditional bindings as we know them. The baseplate flexes, but not as much as EST or Reflex bindings. Choose from…

Boarding School - Binding Formats

Jack - Jack Mitarani here. Have you ever tried to put three bindings on one snowboard? Narrator - Jack, let's be reasonable. You're supposed to be talking about the three different binding formats Burton offers - EST, Reflex and Disc. Now why would you need three bindings anyways? Jack - Why did Mick Morris need to do a Triple Cork? Why did man need to go to the moon? And why did Shaun White need to wear such tight pants? Either way, all I'm trying to say is if you wanted to put any one of these bindings on your board, you could. All Burton bindings are good, but personally, I ride EST. Riding an EST binding gives my board the best, most natural flex and feel. Reflex bindings offer better flex than traditional disc bindings and are compatible with any board. Narrator - ...meaning a non-channel board. Jack - Right. Burton disc bindings are good, too, and they're also compatible with any board. Narrator -†Channel, 3D or a 4x4 board. Jack - Exactly. If you've got more questions about flex or which bindings fit your board and are best for you, give Rider Service a call.