M4 Womens Snowboards

Womens M4 Snowboards on sale and shipped fast with free gear at The House Boardshop. M4 Womens Snowboarding is legit. Besides hot visuals, their snowboards offer full wood cores, ice-slicing sidewall contructions and 2 year warranties. Get your new M4 from The House and we will ship it out within 24 hours of your order Monday-Friday just as we have since 1982!
Size: 154cm
Reg: $250.00 On Sale: $137.95
A Word from M4 Snowboards:
It seems like there's a lot of talk these days about having fun when you're snowboarding. Every ad. every interview. having fun, or at least acting like you are having fun, and using the concept to sell products, seems to be in fashion right now. And I agree, having fun is an important part of the snowboard experience. But for me, the word fun falls far short of really encompassing my feelings for snowboarding, and what it gives me. Obsession, compulsion, frustration, addiction, elation, these are words that could be used to start describing my relationship with snowboarding. But there is one word that does it by itself. One word that can span the range of passion and pain, triumph and failure, glory and humility that I have felt during my many years of riding. Love.

But love isn't always fun. Sometimes loving snowboarding is riding in the rain, soaked to the bone, 'cause you just can't stand not riding. Sometimes it's scaring the shit out of yourself on a sketchy line you're not sure you can make, but you just can't resist trying. Loving snowboarding wakes you up before the sun rises, so you can get first tracks on a powder day. And it keeps you up late at night, so you can session a rail, without getting busted by the cops. Sometimes loving snowboarding is getting so frustrated learning a new trick that you just want to quit, but you can't quit, cause love doesn't quit. And sometimes it is total freedom, and having more fun with your friends than you ever imagined possible.

At M4 we love snowboarding. This is more than a lifestyle for us. And M4 is more than a snowboard company. Snowboarding is the medium through which we experience our humanity. Loving it has brought us together and keeps us going. It has made us a family. Through the ups and the downs we stick together. And ultimately, the love makes it all worthwhile.
(Taken from www.4ismore.com)

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