To rocker, or not to rocker? Hybrid Snowboards is the answer! With the House Boardshop's insane selection of hybrid boards, you no longer have to make that tough decision! Our huge selection of hybrids from brands like LibTech, Ride, Burton and more, will make finding the right balance of rocker and camber a breeze.
10 Results for Hybrid Snowboards
Size: 150cm
Reg: $449.95 On Sale: $234.36
Size: 151cm (W), 153cm (W), 155cm (W)
Our Price: $369.95

Size: 144cm, 156cm
Reg: $439.95 On Sale: $399.95
Size: 157cm
Reg: $696.96 On Sale: $453.95

Size: 150cm, 155cm, 165cm
Our Price: $299.95
Size: 156cm (W), 161cm (W)
Our Price: $299.95

Size: 153cm, 155cm, 157cm, 159cm
Reg: $499.95 On Sale: $324.95
Size: 158cm (W)
Reg: $499.95 On Sale: $324.95

Size: 150cm, 153cm
Our Price: $329.95
Size: 155cm (W), 158cm (W), 162cm (W), 166cm (W)
Our Price: $329.95