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Check out our DC Snowboards on sale at The House Boardshop. DC Mens Snowboarding has always been synonymous with innovation. With creative camber patterns and sidecuts Mens DC Snowboards ride different than anything else out there. P.S. DC has graphics for days as well. The House will rock your new DC to you fast and free. The House, since 1982.
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  • Size: 147-148.5
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When people think of DC, they immediately think of the cool shoes that the company pushes through each and every year. You’re completely wrong if you believe that DC only sells shoes in their company! The DC brand is a very versatile brand that carries so many different things! DC's innovative and creative snowboards have been serving snowboarders since 1994.

From different colors to different sizes, DC offers snowboards to suit anyone's individual taste. Aside from different colors, the snowboards offer high levels of technology to effortlessly slash up the slopes. Riding these snowboards will sure to make you look cool, and will most definitely make all of your friends jealous that they don't have one. Who knows, by the end of the day your buddies may turn into full-out copycats!

DC snowboards feature new and modern technology, like the Feel-O-Meter, designed with a unique camber structure that amps up flex and maneuverability. Check out features like a “lock and load camber” included in the DC Ply. There are an endless amount of features DC incorporates to maximize your ripper ability on the peaks and slopes!

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