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Smith Phenom Goggles

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Frame: Polyurethane
Lens: Polycarbonate
Helmet Compatible:
  • Helmet Compatible
Helmet Compatible:
  • Helmet Compatible
Eyeglass Compatible:
  • Non Eyeglass Compatible
Ventilation: Regulator Adjustable Ventilation
Face Size:
  • Standard Frame
  • Standard
Recommended Use:
  • Snowboarding
  • Skiing
Manufacturer Warranty: Lifetime

Description: Smith Phenom Goggles

Get the gear that incorporates exciting technology with proven performance and finish off your setup with the Smith Phenom Snowboard Goggles. Fitted for comfort and protection from the elements, the Vaporator Lend technology eliminates fogging and enhances visibility in high light conditions. TLT optics enhance color up against all the white you'll be seeing as you shred up the snow banks, and the articulated strap system makes sure that you have a snug fit without getting in the way.

Key Features of the Smith Phenom Snowboard Goggles:
  • Medium Fit
  • Spherical, Carbonic X Lens with TLT Optics
  • Painted Vaporator Lend Technology with Portex Filter
  • Painted Regular adjustable Lens Ventilation
  • Articulating outrigger positioning system
  • Interchangeable Hop-up Kits
  • Ul


Customer Reviews | Add Your Review!

  • "muy buenas"

    , Cunit, TGN
    Pros: tamaño, forma, colores Cons: ninguno, me gusta todo,

    YO tengo el modelo transit con el cristal de espejo rojo y son una gozada!!! este modelo me gusta mucho también, son muy buenas.

  • "Pretty good"

    Pros: Style, Visibility, Cons: A bit small, Doesn't really fit helmet,

    The goggles themselves are pretty good and they serve their purpose. But i sort of have a big head and i can feel the goggles kind of squeezing my face. It's noticeable at first but i sort of got used to it. It doesn't fit snuggly with my helmet either (i'm wearing a pro tech). I did notice some fog build up because there was a little gap around the bridge of my nose, but maybe it's because I'm asian. Otherwise, it does what it's supposed to do and it's still a good pair of goggles. The review may seem a bit negative, but the cons aren't enough to make me go out and buy another pair. Would be perfect if it weren't for my big head!

  • "Nice Goggles"

    , Richmond Hill, ON
    Pros: Looks great, Comfortable, Doesn't fog Cons:

    I bought these goggles last year and they're great. Really nice looking goggles, very comfortable and most of all they don't fog up. So far I haven't come across any problems with it. Great price can't go wrong.

  • "Smith Optics does it again"

    , AL
    Pros: Affordable, Quick-Strap Slip, Custom Fitting Foam Cons: Weak Construction, Sticky annoying rubber,

    I really liked my phenoms. They fit my small/medium asian face very well. Nice viewing angle, however, there is a small gap about .5cm on the top of my nose. I think that will lessen the longer I wear them. The foam seems to conform to my face. The quick strap is very nice and convenient for putting on the goggles, however, I have not paired these up with a helmet yet, so do not know how well they work with helmet goggle clips. I was surprised at the construction of the goggle at first, in a bad way. I do not know if these were designed to separate on impact, but the goggle seemed to have been constructed of multiple parts fitted (with gaps) together. Still very strong though. I got the ignitor lens, and it was more orange than I expected. I used a platinum lens before, and the color distortion was less obvious. May try a lens with a wider viewing angle in the future, especially one with an asian fit design, so I can see my feet better.

  • "Decent Goggles"

    , Sewell, NJ
    Pros: Durable goggle and lense, Helmet compatibility, No fogging Cons: Peripherall Vision,

    I've definitely beaten these up, but they have held up great so far, showing little wear and tear! The lenses have never fogged up on me while riding or hiking (and I even put them on top of my head when wearing a beanie on the lift). I'm also happy that they fit well with my R.E.D. helmet, and that I don't have any issues of there being a gap. The only complaint I have is that I wish they had more peripheral vision to offer so that I wouldn't have to turn my head so much. But all in all, a very solid pair of goggles.

  • "solid eyewear"

    Pros: sweet looks, comfortable, Cons: fogs up occassionally,

    can't go wrong with these. pretty standard goggles, with good performance and nice fit. occasionally fogs up, but nothing too bad. wish it came with an extra night lens, though.

  • "These are the best goggles on the market"

    Pros: great lenses, great fit, lifetime warranty, clip on strap Cons:

    I have two pairs of these goggles. One sensor mirror and one platinum mirror. The sensor mirror lens is by far the best low light lens I've ever looked through. Its not that great on a bluebird but out in Whitefish MT we get way more fog than sun. I where the platinum mirror for the bluebird days.

  • "Great Goggles!"

    , Stonington, CT
    Pros: Durable, Fits Well, Great Vision Cons:

    One of my friends has these goggles and he let me borrow them for a session and i loved them. They fit really well when you have just a beanie on and they fit well with a helmet on to. These goggles are really well designed and are very durable as well. If you are looking into getting a new pair of goggles i would recomend these. Aslo the style of the goggles is great. these are great goggles for the price you pay!

  • "Good primary pair"

    , dracut, MA
    Pros: stylish, good vision, Cons: doesnt fit well with a helmet,

    good goggles, i'd rather have oakleys bt if you have a better pair these are good for backups

  • "Phenoms"

    Pros: Well fit for small faces, no fog, fits well on smith helmets(duh) Cons:

    I own two pairs of phenoms, yes, i love them that much. They fit my face very well(much better than anons did in my experiences). I have a relatively small face, so if your face is small, don't hesitate to purchase these. They were really well priced in the past(30$ i believe). they reflect if you pick up the ignitor lens if that's what you prefer

  • "love these"

    , NEW YORK, NY
    Pros: anti fog, good fit, Cons:

    love these goggles. They fit over my helmet and havent fogged up on me yet. I can see out of them well and the fit is comfortable and perfect.

  • "Thanks TruSnow!!!"

    , SAN JOSE, CA
    Pros: Smith = Lifetime Warranty!, Cool color, Fits well on helmet Cons: none,

    I got these for hitting my 1,500pt mark, but I still think they would be a good value if I had paid for them. Just broke them in this past weekend. What immediately struck me was that the color is quite vivid and not as artificial feeling as many other lenses types. To be fair, it was a perfectly clear day, so I still haven't tried them in stormy conditions. The reason I chose this pair is because the lens was recommended for good performance in a variety of conditions. It was also a warmer day and even though I was sweating, there wasn't the slightest bit of fogging. FYI - I still consider myself a bit of a novice so take that with grain of salt when reading this review. Thanks again!



    Great goggles. Never fogs up! I used to have cheap goggles that always fogged up and got fed up with them so i bought these. I also love the fact that the foam is pretty thick, thats how i like my goggles. I definitely recommend these for anyone.

  • "Awesome Goggles "

    Pros: Great for All Day, Comfortable Fit, Great Vision Cons: Fogs with underarmour face mask,

    Vision is great with these goggles! I can see fine while boarding at night. Even though I have a small nose, there is enough padding to fit snugly onto my face. The only downside I have had with these goggles is that they fog when I'm wearing my underarmour face mask. Doesn't help even when the ventilation holes are open. Other than that, these goggles are great looking and a must have!

  • "Smith Phenom"

    , COLDEN, NY
    Pros: Great Fit, Stylish, Cons:

    I bought these from my local ski shop as they were on sale. I've used them a lot and they are a bit dark. They fit great on me and I love the style. They are easily adjustable and can be worn with most Giro helmets. I am very pleased with these but I probably wouldn't pay $80 for these. Then again I probably wouldn't pay $80 for any Goggles in general.

  • "Smith Phenom Goggles"

    , billings, MT
    Pros: Spherical Lens, Comfortable, Fog-free venting Cons: Small Field of Vision,

    These fit well, have zero distortion, and never fog up. I've had a couple pairs of these goggles. The only problem is the small field of view. They don't scratch easily either.

  • "Awesome Goggles"

    , San Rafael, CA
    Pros: great ventilation, comfort, light pressure Cons: none,

    These goggles are awesome. Absolutely no problems with fogging, throughout the day. It hardly feels like you have the goggles on at all. Great buy.

  • "these smiths really are PHENOMs"

    , NEW YORK, NY
    Pros: anti fog, lens, fit Cons:

    GREAT goggles. I've always had issues with fit, comfort, antifog, and lenses for snowboarding goggles. I've gone through about 4 pairs before getting to these. everything from the air vents, to the sensor lens, to the view range is perfect for me. A little on the more expensive side, but I'd say these are better than the Oakley A-Frames. But to each his own, these were my favorite pair of goggles.

  • "2010 Smith Phenom"

    , Moorooduc, AAT
    Pros: no fogging, fits everything, Cons:

    Great goggle at a discounted price with a larger viewing area than other goggles, love these goggles

  • "No fogging"

    Pros: no fogging, comfortable, Cons:

    Fits perfectly with my Giro G9 helmet and looks great (in black). Have not experienced any fogging yet. Comfortable to wear all day. Lenses provide good contrast for bumps on the slopes.

  • "Crystal clear"

    Pros: Super comfy, Excellent construction, Cons: None,

    Got these for my 2nd season of riding stepping up from spy targaII. What a difference a spherical lens makes. The goggle fit like a glove and worked perfectly. The strap was perfect and I found no problems with the plastic piece as others have mentioned.

  • "Great spherical goggle for those with larger heads"

    , portland, OR
    Pros: Spherical, distortion-free lenses, no problem with fogging, easy switching of lenses Cons: not compatible with all helmets by default,

    I'm quite happy with these goggles. I've got a somewhat larger head, and these goggles accommodate me well. I use them with a RED Mutiny helmet, and the fit in front is seamless, HOWEVER, the back of the goggles comes together with a clasp which is incompatible by default with this helmet. Smith does have a little adapter called the Helmet Helper for about $5, which makes the band a little easier to fit on a helmet, and eliminates the issues caused by having a clasp in back. It also adds a bit more grippy/tacky material to ensure the goggles won't slide off easily.

  • "Best Goggles"

    , State College, PA
    Pros: Fit, Look, Cons: Scratches,

    I bought these two weeks ago and have feel in love with them. I have heard they dont fit well with some helmets but they work just fine with mine. They have never fogged up on me like my old goggles did and feel great on my face. The foam is kinda big but I really like my goggles like that. When my friends ask to try them they dont want to even give them back, one of them even bought a pair. The lens is also great for most conditions. If you need goggles go get a pair of these now!

  • "Great, but..."

    , Somerville, MA
    Pros: Style, Good peripheral , Cons: Don't fit well with certain helmets,

    I got some of these and was really excited at first. They look great (kind of a fighter-pilot look), but once I put them on with my helmet they didn't look so good. As someone mentioned, there is a lot of padding on the top of the goggles - meant to eliminate the gap between goggles and helmet. Unfortunately since my helmet (Smith Maze) was designed to fit with goggles, a gap was CREATED. This is only a problem for people with certain helmets. The bridge of my nose also felt a bit uncomfortable but the range of vision was excellent. Since the goggle-gap issue is a deal-breaker I am returning them so I can't say how well they vent. Overall, they seem like excellent goggles but don't get them if your helmet is designed to fit with goggles.

  • "Worth it!"

    , Sacramento, CA
    Pros: spherical, Cons: scratches :(,

    These goggles fit perfectly with my Bolle Helmet and it's so refreshing to have goggles that don't block my peripherals. I definitely recommend these

  • "Smith Phenoms"

    , Bellevue, WA
    Pros: Clear vision, unbreakable, helmet fitting Cons:

    The Smith Phenoms are in the top 5 best goggles in my opinion. It's got a good sized view and visor is really clear. I like the shape of the phenoms on the top edge which has a slim profile. Great for fitting with most helmets. These things have gone under rough riding and I force bending one but it is just resilient.

  • "Smith is the best"

    , Camp Hill, PA
    Pros: No fog, Great lens, Cons: None,

    I have always been a fan of Smith sunglasses and goggles. My girlfriend picked these up for me last year and I have been nothing up happy.

  • "these goggles are awesome"

    Pros: great fit, awesome lens, dont fog Cons:

    these are a great pair of goggles. they fit really well with my bern baker helmet and fit my face really well too. i got them in the matte black with the rose polarized lens. what a difference the polarization makes! im so glad i got these. i will admit that the peripheral view may not be as nice as the i/o's or crowbars but for the price and the quality these are great. also, when you use the built in vent these goggles are fog free.

  • "Super comfortable goggles"

    , Marrickville, NSW
    Pros: Spherical lens, Great ventilation, Comfortable nose fit Cons:

    I purchased the Phenoms with a Sensor mirror lens which is actually quite see-through which I was initially surprised with. This lens is great for most conditions - from bright sunny days and lit-up nights to white-outs on those snowy days. No foggig up, ever! The strap has a clip on the back which makes it easy to pull on and off, especially if you have a helmet. All with a lifetime warranty, how can you go wrong?

  • "Phenoms"

    Pros: Helmet compatible, UVA protection, Lifetime warranty Cons:

    I have the ones with the ignitor mirror and they work really well. I dont get any glare or fogging and I have good vision while wearing these on the slopes. They're stylish and the lens is mirrored but you can still kind of see my eyes up close when I wear them.

  • "Pretty awesome goggles"

    Pros: Great field of vision, No fogging at all, Wide array of lenses. Cons: None so far,

    Just tried these goggles out for the first time yesterday. I haven't tried many goggles, but I was still very impressed with these. The field of vision is great, no worries about your peripheral with these. They look great, got lots of compliments on them as well. They're really comfortable as well, I wasn't itching to take them off even after many hours. Not a bit of fog after 6 hours of riding, what more can you ask for?

  • "amazing goggles"

    , Lancaster, CA
    Pros: fog resistant, clarity, Cons: doesnt fit very well with some helmets,

    amazing goggles they have never fogged on me and even in some of the worst conditions it highlights all the dark spot on the mountain they are defenitly worth the price i wont need goggles for a couple seasons at least

  • "Great Goggles"

    , AL
    Pros: Very comfortable, Decent price, Cons: a little big for my head,

    These goggles are great and because I got them at a great price I would have to say they were well worth it. My only complaint is that they are a little big around the nose area, however, it was not a huge issue.

  • "Love Them"

    , CA
    Pros: Good build, awesome lens, Cons:

    I have this goggle in matte black with the sensor lens and it is awesome. The lens brightens up the hill like no other and the frame is one of the most comfortable i have ever had. A for sure on anyone's christmas list.

  • "Bang Tidy!"

    , Arbroath, oth
    Pros: Good field of vision, No fogging, All day comfort Cons:

    I picked these up for a bargain back in April, and I'm really impressed with them. They literally didn't fog up once during a week spent in 3 Valleys, France, with about 8 hours riding daily, give or take. The other thing really setting these apart is the level of comfort - you can get on with enjoying the powder, dodging skiers and not have to worry about constantly adjusting your kit. Fully recommended.

  • "Fit great! Great vision"

    , Pleasant Grove, UT
    Pros: Great Vision, Fits amazing, Doesnt get fogged up Cons:

    Got these after wearing my shaun white oakleys, didnt think i would like another pair as much but they are dope. Fit great and look sweet!

  • "Great Goggles"

    Pros: Perfect fit, Comfortable, Nice Lenses Cons:

    I bought one of these used last year but they were practically brand new. These goggles fit me perfect(im asian) and were very comfortable. The lenses gave me no problem riding during sunny or cloudy weather.

  • "Fautless"

    , Vic
    Pros: Great space graphics, Mirror lens, Super comfy Cons:

    Bought these goggles as a present for someone else - and they were so well recieved I'm now looking to buy smith myself! By far the most comfortable foam for your face of all the brands!

  • "Smith Phenom"

    , New York, NY
    Pros: Good ventilation, Perfect fit, Cons: not cheap,

    I have been using it for the last season. Never fog up on me. Great google, worked in all conditions.

  • "are they comfy?"

    Pros: i have a question, Cons: can anyone help me,

    i have had several pairs of goggles that have uncomfortable padding around the eyes, and i was just wondering if these ones are comfotable as well as durable

  • "phenominal"

    , Sydney, NSW
    Pros: comfortable, never fog, good visibility Cons:

    heaps comfortable and great fit. the quick release system is also heaps useful... ive worn a few helmets with them and some fit and some dont with the phenoms so its a toss of the coin. other then that there an outstanding goggle.

  • "Amazing Goggles"

    , CORONA, CA
    Pros: variety, great fit, no fog Cons:

    So many choices of styles for these goggles and they perform top notch.

  • "gnarly goggles"

    , Chesterfield, MO
    Pros: great fit, confortable, stylish Cons: gets dirty quick,

    overall, these goggles are sick. great look and feel. 5/5 keep it up.

  • "My favorite goggles "

    , SAN JOSE, CA
    Pros: great fit, works with helmets, awesome field of vision Cons: None - they are perfect ,

    I've had a few versions of Smith goggles and also have a pair of Von Zippers. These Smiths work to perfection with my Smith Holt helmet. a nice big field of vision while not being bulky like the VZ's and a great fit across the bridge of my nose. I have the Sensor mirror on mine, and I can tell you that lens is good for everything short of a bluebird spring day, where you wish it cut a bit more of the glare.

  • "Smith Phenom Goggles"

    Pros: Great Look, Excellent Visibility, No better warranty than Smith Cons:

    These are fantastic goggles. They fit awesome with my large helmet. Great lens clarity and light definition and no one has a better warranty on goggles than Smith does.

  • "good goggles"

    , Richmond Hill, ON
    Pros: good fit, Cons:

    just got my own pair. used a friends a few times last season and they fit extremely well on my small face. most standard goggles are too big for me (gap above the bridge of nose), but these are pretty snug. has pretty standard antifog, like any goggles if you take em off they fog up. took a couple minutes for it to clear away.

  • "Awesome Design"

    , Rocklin, CA
    Pros: The design, The Visibility, I like the sensor lense Cons: Doesnt fit all helmets,

    I got these goggles halfway through the season. You can't beat the New Synth design it is amazing. I used them mainly at night and the vision was really good for it. And for the price you can't beat these goggles!!

  • "Smith makes Good Goggles"

    Pros: No Fog, Pretty Design, Cons: Smaller Lense than other brands,

    I have been using goggles for most of brands except smith.But this goggles is pretty well design and have a lot of Pros... hopefully it work out wiht me.

  • "Brilliance"

    , Howrah, Tas
    Pros: Anti-fog function, Moulding padding, Quality lens Cons:

    Best goggles i have ever owned! So so comfy, mould to your face and never fog up. Great price for an absolute quality product.

  • "Sweet Goggles!"

    Pros: Good fit, Wide view, look great Cons:

    Haven't been on the slopes with these yet, but I love the feel of them. I have a much better view than I did with my previous goggles(Oakley O Frames). I have a small head(and a small face), so if your head is big, you may not have the same experience in terms of wide viewing angle.

  • "Phenomenal"

    , melbourne, Vic
    Pros: Great wide view, No fogging up, Fit well with my helmet Cons:

    Some of the best goggles I own, the lenses are very wise offeing great peripheral vision, the mirrored lenses look very slick and cut out all the rays on those bluebird days but still give you great visibilty on overcast days, a little bit plain but still a very good pair of goggles for a great price!

  • "Smith Phenom "

    Pros: Great Fit, Great Vision, Cons: None,

    Great value goggles, fits helmets and sits well on the face

  • "2010 Smith Phenom"

    , Salt Ash, NSW
    Pros: very comfortable fit , Great peripheral vision, Cons: none,

    I have just purchased and used these goggle's for 5 days in mixed conditions 2 days very overcast and heavy snow then 3 days of clear blue skies with no fogging and great vision I could not be happier

  • "Handy goggle"

    , sydney, NSW
    Pros: Good fit, Fits well with helmet, Filter for the lenses Cons:

    This is a great goggle for anyone looking for an all-rounder. It fits well, has the porex filter which means = no more fogging between the two lenses! The spherical lense doesn't make you look like a huge blowfly & it's compatible with the helmet. All in all, a good buy.

  • "There's a wolf on it!"

    Pros: no fog, high visibility, Cons: hideous,

    i got these in the black supernova style. Not sure what i was thinking. Hideous.

  • "Among the best"

    Pros: Color options, great overall quality, does not fog Cons: Peripheral vision, foam material,

    Many would probably agree that this is one of the best looking goggle out there. Once you put them on, however, although it has good vision overall, but I feel it lack peripheral vision when compare to the Smith I/o . If they can make this goggle with Smith i/o vision, it would be the perfect goggle to own. This goggle is design for people with bigger faces. I have a small face, so there was a nose gap underneath the goggle. Overall great goggle, I recommend trying these on first before you buy.

  • "Great googles !!"

    Pros: Wide Vision, comfy foam, Nice wide fit, No fog what so ever Cons: Back Strap clip a bit flimsy,

    Demo'd these and liked them very very much. They felt light and had a large comfy foam area unlike the oakleys I tried. fits my face better. Wears well on my helmet but not too sure about the back strap clip but it did the job well. The vision was huge in these and had no problems. overall one of the better googles out there. Waiting for more colours so i can buy =)

  • "One Word, Awesome!"

    , Sydenham, Vic
    Pros: No Fogging, Nice fit and secure, Great View Range Cons: Gap between goggle and nose bridge,

    Used these goggles for the first time yesterday, i have to say that they are awesome. im a beginner and i fell and stumbled alot and at no point did these goggle came off or even moved. they are secure. These goggles are so comfortable that sometimes i have to check that there still on my face cause i dont feel them anymore. these goggles are for medium to large face, and for someone with a massive nose bridge. So that is my only problem with these, the gap between the nose and goggle, where wind gets in can be annoying on those cold days.

  • "smith venom goggles 2009"

    , glenfield,sydney, NSW
    Pros: no fogging, great colours, quality and fit Cons: have none,

    these goggles are even better than the last pair of smiths i had. ventilation is a strong point with these goggles,as always they make you look cool!!!

  • "awesome goggle"

    , bangor, AAT
    Pros: fit , visability, very comfortable Cons: the strap,

    i bought the chocolate colour and these goggles fit, look and feel great i find the boundaries of visibility are good the only thing is the strap why is there a clip

  • "A True Phenom"

    , Melbourne, Vic
    Pros: Great Fit, Lense keeps sun out, Do not fog up Cons:

    Very happy with the Phenom googles. I purchased the Chocolate Evolve / Ignitor Mirror colour and think it looks awesome. The lense does not fog up and has a ventilation slot that can be opened and closed. Very happy!

  • "SICK!"

    Pros: Awesome field of vision, Cons: Not big fan of the clips for the straps,

    Spherical lens helps keep vision clear and able to spot the changing contour of the trails. Great fit for me, Also the wide lenses increases my field of vision.

  • "anti fog and stylish!"

    , Melbourne, Vic
    Pros: great anti fog, very stylish, Cons:

    these are a great pair of goggles. i tried them on a week ago and the anti fog lens was very good compared to a few of the other goggles i tried on, which also claimed to be anti fog. also, the white chainmail looks fantastic

  • "Good all around Sunny goggle"

    , Roseville, CA
    Pros: nice fit, pro tec helmut compatible, , mirror lens good for sunny days., Cons:

    These fit my face great. I primarily use these on Sunny days, because the mirror lens reflects a lot of light. Nice field of view.

  • "Phenomenal"

    , Marsfield, NSW
    Pros: Good visibility and comfortable, Cons:

    These are good goggles. Always been a fan of Smith. The only con as stated by many is that it doesnt fit with all helmets

  • "Smith Phenom"

    , TUCSON, AZ
    Pros: Comfortable, Don't fog, soherical lenses provide great view Cons: not very helmet compatible,

    I used these goggles this season. My friend let me use his and now I'm looking into getting some of my own. They provide a wide, clear vision and don't fog up. They fit well and are comfortable to wear all day. I recommend these to anyone wanting cheap goggles without compromising quality.

  • "Awesome Googles"

    , Sydney, NSW
    Pros: Great value for money, Well made, Great style Cons:

    After having bought the smith I/O for $250 on ski field and then having bought the phenoms as a spare goggles, i can barely tell the different in quality. Amazing for a goggle selling for $60. Appears only difference between this and the high end I/O is the slimmer look and interchangeable lens of the I/O

  • "Great Goggles"

    , Bellevue, WA
    Pros: Spherical View, Great for Overcast Days, Anit-Fog Cons:

    I bought the neon synth color from a different vendor, but they priced really great right now and would highly recommend them for use on overcast days. They fit well over my Berm helmet and do not fog up at all really. I love the colors and really helps you stand out on the mountain!

  • "SMITH where have you been!"

    , Mosman`, NSW
    Pros: Great vision, Great fit, Great ventilation Cons:

    This google is awesome! Got them in the Chocolate Evolve and they look sweet! Very very comfy with great vision. I have the sensor mirror lense and it cuts out that harsh glare but also highlights all those small deviations on the mountain which sometimes catch you out when riding. I've previously owned Anons and Oakleys but so far these take the cake! Haven't tried them with a helmet yet but they are meant to integrate quite well with the Smith helmets

  • "smith phenom "

    Pros: spherical lens, comfortable fit, Cons:

    Good looking pair of googles. The platinum mirror lens is clear overcast and light conditions. I like how the foam is thinner around the bridge of the nose so that it doesn't feel like it pinching on my nose and restricting my breathing.

  • "nice goggle"

    , point cook, Vic
    Pros: look, fit, vision Cons: none,

    firstle these goggles look great and the latch at the back makes them so much easier to use. i have a large head and the width is great and a real good viewing angle

  • "Smith Phenom"

    , Colorado Springs, CO
    Pros: Great Fit, Good Design, Great Vision Cons: not compatible with some helmets,

    I got these after using Oakley crowbars for about 3 years, and I love them. They fit really well when wearing just a beanie, but they but fit as well with certain types of helmets. These offer a great range of view because of the spherical lens. So if you are in the market for a new goggles definitely, look in to getting a pair of Phenoms

  • "Great Googles"

    Pros: Fits perfect with smith helmets, comfy foam, Size Cons: none,

    The goggles do not place gaps in between the helmet that I wear. I just wore these goggles for the first time today and they are awesome, I love the fire mirror on these and the comfy fit. The goggles fit perfect on my face and is not too large or too small, they are a medium size fit. I would totally recommend these to those that want to buy. The easy straps are also a plus.

  • "Dopest dope "

    , Northville, MI
    Pros: Great fit, Don't fog, Comfortable Cons: Slightly big,

    These goggles will make you look like shaun white. Get them and you won't be dissapointed. The wide lens and snug fit will turn even a cloudy day into one of your best on the mtn. Def. recommend

  • "Smith Phenom"

    , Seoul, Seoul
    Pros: comfy, well coated lens, Cons: a little narrow sight,

    Smith lens is very nice. It has great anti-fogging and have a good view and brightness. This is my 2nd Smith goggle, my first one is prodigy. If I call Prodigy's merit was wide sight, otherwise phenom's is the best wearable one. But don't misunderstand, it doesn't have narrow sight. just narrower than prodigy.

  • "Phenoms"

    Pros: Good lenses, Stylish, Dont fog Cons: Foam doesnt seal,

    Nice goggles that are functional adn good looking.They have a good fit and are very comfortable. I did feel a breeze inside the goggle but that might just be me

  • "Phenomenal "

    , Milk River, AB
    Pros: Fits over glasses, Great coverage over face, Cons: None yet,

    Picked these up at a local 50% off sale. Couldn't beat the price! These are my second pair of goggles so I can only compare these to my older Smiths, and they are so much better. The red lens really helps me pick out bumps along the hill!

  • "nice feel!"

    , AUK
    Pros: vents, anti fog thingee, great fit Cons:

    These are my favorite goggles ive ever owned. used to have anon realm and these just feel so much better. nice simple shape and good variety of colours.

  • "Good Quality...However"

    , Calgary, AB
    Pros: Good Quality, No Fog, Comfortable Cons: recieve one with a lens manufacture defect,

    Hello, I've had these goggles out a few times now, for the most part I have enjoyed them. They are a high quality, stylish goggle, that won't fog up on you. However it appears my lens has a manufacture defect where the lens does not appear to be cut correctly, which as a result hinders my visibility range in my left eye. I have tried other Smith Phenoms, and they don't have the same issue. These lens have a lifetime manufacture warranty, and they will replace them for free. However I have to go to a Smith dealership and send them off, which is a Pita. Overall, great goggle, but I think I got unlucky.

  • "Love Smith optics"

    Pros: Fit my face perfect, Comfortable, Cons:

    I love this goggles because they fit my big nose perfect so i can breath )

  • "My first goggle"

    , Richmond, BC
    Pros: affordable, quick-strap slip, custom fitting foam Cons: weak construction?, sticky rubber,

    I really liked my phenoms. They fit my small/medium asian face very well. Nice viewing angle, however, there is a small gap about .5cm on the top of my nose. I think that will lessen the longer I wear them. The foam seems to conform to my face. The quick strap is very nice and convenient for putting on the goggles, however, I have not paired these up with a helmet yet, so do not know how well they work with helmet goggle clips. I was surprised at the construction of the goggle at first, in a bad way. I do not know if these were designed to separate on impact, but the goggle seemed to have been constructed of multiple parts fitted (with gaps) together. Still very strong though. I got the ignitor lens, and it was more orange than I expected. I used a platinum lens before, and the color distortion was less obvious. May try a lens with a wider viewing angle in the future, especially one with an asian fit design, so I can see my feet better.

  • "Black Supernova"

    Pros: Awesome graphics, Very comfortable, Cons:

    Great goggles, fit is perfect especially for a larger face. The sensor mirror is a good all-around lens, but can get washed out on very sunny days. Awesome deal for the price. You could do much worse!

  • "Can't complain..."

    Pros: comfortable, looks great, great visibility Cons: none so far,

    First off, I did a little modding on the goggles to make them over the glasses compatible. The goggles are big enough to be able to handle OTG while still being comfortable. They look a lot better them my old OTG goggles so that's a plus. The only thing I noticed was the strap might be a little on the tight side especially if you need to use them with a helmet.

  • "solid"

    , Runaway Bay, QLD
    Pros: dont fog, stylish, comfy Cons: NONE,

    this are solid googles. no reason to by any other. i got the sensor neon synth and they look so sick.

  • "Great goggles"

    , Avondale Heights, Vic
    Pros: Great quality, Good vision, Cons: Quick release latch,

    Very nice goggles, fit nicely around a helmet (Giro Shiv) and very comfortable. Got mine with the sensor mirror which is usable in a lot of conditions (overcast/fog/cloudy) with good contrast/visibility, however it is a little light on a sunny day. It is still usable however it caused me to squint a bit at some angles. I would recommend having a darker alternative if you plan on getting the sensor.

  • "Smith Phenoms"

    Pros: great fit, strap clip, does not fog Cons:

    I bought these goggles before I found out about (unfortunately), but they are the ones I'm wearing in my profile pic. I wear a M/L size in sunglasses and these fit me perfectly, so those with larger heads/faces might find these a bit small. I got them with the ignitor mirror lenses and they are a great all around lens that works great on both sunny and overcast days. The padding seems to have held up well and is very comfortable, but I've only used them for one season so far. No complaints about these goggles. Smith makes quality products.

  • "nice but not for me"

    , seven hills, NSW
    Pros: porex filter, nice graphics, Cons: nose bridge gap,

    these are nice goggles and have a nice viewing range I have a medium face I would say, and when I put the goggles on, I get quite a big gap above my nose inbetween the goggle. maybe I need an asian fit goggle.. otherwise, great goggles

  • "smith phenom "

    , Sydney, NSW
    Pros: comfy, great fit, great design Cons: none,

    the best and most comfiest pair of goggles i have ever bought

  • "ill keep buying them!"

    Pros: good fit, great looking, Cons:

    i have 2 pairs of these goggles, they look so great and fit real well

  • "Really great"

    , Haerbin, Heilongjiang
    Pros: Good looking, affordable, fit well Cons:

    I bought it last week for my friend that have a better sight than my anon,i got it 32$ ,really a bargain!

  • "Nice goggles"

    , Melbourne, Vic
    Pros: Good visibilty, Comfy, Cons:

    I got these for a mate and he loves them He said there really comfy and easy to adjust, and it doesn't fog up

  • "Good Fit for Asians"

    Pros: Its Smith, Fits Asian Face, Ridiculously comfortable Cons:

    I just recently bought these goggles and the Prodigy goggles...I am Asian and it is very hard to find goggles that fit well with my face...I was going to try to buy some Oakleys ones cause they actually make Asian Fit, but they were damn expensive...So I bought the Neon Synth Ignitor Mirror ($46!)...they look sick and feel amazing on my face, they don't slide down like my A-Frame Oakleys

  • "Nice goggles..."

    Pros: Fit Great, Functional Lense, Cool Design Cons: None!,

    Just got these for an insane deal to supplement my goggle quiver. I already have the Anon Figments with a dark lens (Blue Solex), so I needed some for the overcast days. I got these with the sensor lens and the fit is great, the fit with my helmet (Red Mutiny) is almost perfect, and the lenses do exactly what they're supposed to. For me, they're even a little more comfortable than the Anon's... great overall purchase!

  • "amazing"

    , WELLS, ME
    Pros: never fog, hug your face , cumfy Cons: price,

    They are a great all around goggle. Nice and light and fit you face great. Fit well with smith helmets.

  • "The Best!"

    Pros: Comfortable fit, Sensor Mirror, Cons:

    These are really awesome goggles especially for overcast days. Sensor mirror is great for any day. It's the best goggles in the market!

  • "awesome!"

    Pros: looks great, no fogging, goes with everything Cons: none,

    I have this in ignitor lens and it's awesome. everything is super clear and didn't fog one bit (expect for when i ate it hard i got snow all over it LOL) but overall it's a super pair of goggles and it's a steal at this price. get it!

  • "Great goggles"

    , Bay Point, CA
    Pros: Size, Fits perfect with smith helmets, comfy foam Cons:

    I just wore these goggles for the first time today and they are awesome, I love the fire mirror on these and the comfy fit. The goggles fit perfect on my face and is not too large or too small, they are a medium size fit. The goggles do not place gaps in between the helmet that I wear. I would totally recommend these to those that want to buy. The easy straps are also a plus.

  • "Better than the Fuse"

    Pros: Sperical, anti-fog works, helmet compatible Cons:

    Had a chance to try these out at Mammoth on a cloudy day. The lens was amber and it worked just as good as my older Smith googles. The Spherical shape took a little getting used to, but I couldn't tell the difference between a sperical and non-spherical at the end of the day. It worked well with my Giro helmet, except I had to adjust the strap to it's max to fit it around my helmet. Also, the silcone backed strap helps keep it in place. My other Smith's don't have it, and sometimes I notice after a hard fall, the strap came off my helmet. Overall, Smith makes great goggles and are worth the price you're paying.

  • "Perfect Fit"

    , Melbourne, Vic
    Pros: fit well, decent price, Cons: inner white frame reflection on lens,

    These goggles fit the best out of all the goggles I've owned. The googles look to be made well but there is a design flaw IMO by having the white frame reflecting onto the lens from the inside. I fixed the issue by painting the inner frame black.

  • "Phenom"

    , woodland, WA
    Pros: fog proof, comfy, Cons: foam deteriorates quickly,

    Love these goggles. I have 3 pairs and use them all the time. The best goggles i have ever worn. Smith does a great job.

  • "a decent goggle"

    Pros: design, look, Cons: small field of view, big foam piece,

    got to wear these last weekend cause i had forgotten my oakley's at home so i borrowed these from a friend.. they treated me well.. had some restriced sight cause they seemed small for my face.. not too bad though

  • "Solid pickup"

    , Vancouver, BC
    Pros: new rubber backed strap, awesome lens quality, Cons: still don't like the strap buckle in the back, fit isn't perfect for me,

    Smith makes great goggles, and this year they added rubber backing to the straps for less chance of slipping. The lens is curved and thick, and their tints are great. My only problem is I have a larger asian face and there's a slight gap on my nose area. I find regular oakley a frames fit a little better for me.

  • "Wow"

    , East Brisbane, QLD
    Pros: Look Awesome, Fit well, Cons:

    These are the first pair of goggles i bought with the spherical lense so compared with what i am used to the all round vision is brilliant. My mate and I bought a pair of these and a pair of the prodigies to see which fit best. We decided the phenom's fit my face (thin) while the prodogiy's were slightly bigger so my fat faced mate took them.

  • "Bigger than others"

    Pros: stylish, comfy, Cons: not for people with small nose ,

    Great googles overall except I feel that is a little bit big on the nose bridge area.

  • "'Just right' Fit, not too big or small"

    , Melbourne, Vic
    Pros: Average profile. Great looks, Sensor mirror very versatile, Cons: Not for small nose bridges,

    The Sensor mirror is a versatile lens in average to bright conditions. Will struggle with contrast some what in very flat or low light, however will still be better then the platinum or very light blocking lenses. The frame itself is of average size. So great if you don't want a uber small lens or massive goggles. Straps have plenty of length to fit over helmets.....unlike Oakleys!

  • "Pretty good goggles"

    Pros: Style, Fit, Cons: Big foam piece, poor fit with helmet, on the smaller side

    I've been using the goggles all season. I bought them to be compatible with my Smith Holt helmet as part of their helmet goggle integration. I like the way they look and fit without the helmet however the foam actually sticks up outside the frame (can somewhat be seen in pictures) causing a gap between the helmet and goggle. I switched over to electric goggles after trying my friends because I liked the larger size and they actually fit better with y Smith helmet. The Phenoms are still a solid goggle and have held up really well over multiple uses. They do look pretty good if you're not wearing the with a helmet IMO. I still have them and use them when I'm not riding with a helmet or for lower light conditions (lighter gold lens) or as a loaner pair if someone forgets their goggles. Overall decent goggles just beware of the foam if you plan on wearing them with a helmet.

  • "Great goggles just not for me"

    Pros: Look great, don't fog, nice lense options(especially sensor and ignitor) Cons: Smaller viewable than some other sphericals,

    I love smith goggles and bought a pair of these, but the viewable seemed a little small for me. I prefer the prodigy's, but I have a pretty big face so if you have a more medium sized face these are perfect. Sensor Mirror lens is one of the best flat light lenses I have ever used.

  • "Great goggles"

    Pros: Very clear , doable at night time, Cons: i bought them when they werent on sale!,

    Great goggles to have on at all times of the day bright or dim/

  • "A Bit Big"

    , Alameda, CA
    Pros: Good for Big head, Very Clear, Good Fit Cons: A bit on the big side,

    A friend gave me these googles and i find them to be a bit big. The clearity of the googles are very good and they don't fog up. However i can't really look down and see my feet without turning my head. These would be good googles for those who wear glasses or have generally a big head.

  • "great for larger faces"

    , SAN JOSE, CA
    Pros: good for the big headed, Cons:

    to give you a frame of reference, i wear a L/XL flex fit hat... and even that sometimes is a bit small. if you have a large noggin like myself, these are nice goggles to get.

  • "Great Goggle"

    , SAN JOSE, CA
    Pros: Anti fog, Protect your eyes, Cons: I got none!,

    Got this goggle and used it on satruday, it was amazing. Never fog up and great during sunny day. Also the goggle look sick!

  • "Awesome Goggles!!!"

    , Sydney, NSW
    Pros: Sexy curved lens, Design, Fits great with helmet Cons: Will see how strap clip holds up in crash,

    This is one sexy goggle. It sits right in the middle between the huge ass goggles and smaller ones. Has a great fit that goes well with a helmet yet is not to big and still looks great with a beanie. The perfect all-round google.

  • "Amazing Goggles"

    Pros: Great Peripheral vision, interchangeable lenses, Regulator vents keep your face cool and fog free, very fog resistent, great looking Cons: a little big, nose bridge is big ,

    I bought these googgles about mid way through the season to upgrade my cheapo oakleys and am very glad i did. Ive rode these in very varying temperatures and can say they have never once fogged. They give you amazing peripheral vision and have many different styles of interchangeable lenses. I have the ignitor mirrored lenses and feel they work well in a wide variety of light levels. However, the nose bridge is a little big and feels a little strange due to it sitting low on the nose, but it can be lived with. I would highly recommend these to anyone who has a medium to large face and wants a great pair of fog free goggles.

  • "great fit"

    , DAVIS, CA
    Pros: look nice, spherical lens, Cons: too much vent?,

    Got these for a great deal last season. The fit is really good. The mirrored lenses are great for sunny days, but not good at all with overcast days. I don't know if its just me, buy sometimes the vents let in way too much air, causing my eyes to get really dry. This is even with the vent options closed. Very durable...i've ridden w/ these pretty much all season and not even a scratch on the lens

  • "Finally......"

    Pros: Field of vision, Fit, Doesn't fog Cons: Uhhh.....none,

    My favorite goggle up until now was a really old Smith Prodigy. I used it for 7 years probably....and I would still probably be using it except that the strap finally broke. The foam was starting to wear away as well. Best money spent on goggles and it was going to be really hard to replace. I targeted Smiths because I like the strap clip (I use a helmet and it's just so much easier getting it on/off). I don't know why other companies don't offer it....maybe they fear accidental releases but that has NEVER happened. I bought some Spy Orbits before the Phenom and the vision is poor...try tunnel vision...makes me nervous and it doesn't fit my face as well. The phenoms are super comfy, have great lens choices (and cheap) and never fog. EVER. I was also looking at the I/O's and would love a pair of those. I don't think I'll ever buy another brand goggle. Smith's rock.


    , doreen, Vic
    Pros: look dope, comfy as, great lense in all weather, Cons:

    i recently got a pair of these babies and they are so mint i wish i had of got them earlier in the season!!

  • "Does It All"

    , DENVER, CO
    Pros: super comfortable, snug helmet fit, versatile lens Cons: color scheme could be better,

    Only have 11 days with the Phenom with Blue Sensor Mirror, and so far I've been more than pleased. They're especially great for overcast and cloudy days but are also useful when the sun's out. Haven't had any problems with fogging or scratching, and what I like most about the Phenom is the venting system that allows you to open/close as you wish unlike other goggles.

  • "well over 400 days"

    , Glen Waverley, Vic
    Pros: sensor mirror lens is great for almost all light, foam padding is very durable, strap clip is very useful Cons: the strap does not hold up very well,

    I bought a pair of the Deathray frame Phenoms in Australia two years ago. I used them as my everyday goggle for 4 seasons. There are very few scratches, but I take care of my goggles. I don't always use the bag (I'll wipe with my glove on storm days), so the lens is pretty durable. I like the graphic on my frames, so I can't comment on that.

  • "strap"

    , Korolev, MO
    Pros: Never fog, wide field of vision, comfy Cons: Strap, price for me,

    Great goggles strap sucks!

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