Roxy Womens Skis

Womens Roxy Skis are selling out fast, so get your bindings and click into them now! Act fast, these fly rides are selling out. Roxy Skis for Women are stylish and lightweight, which means you'll zip down the mountainside with grandiose speed and style! Contact our expert staff with questions or comments, and remember... we'll ship out your orders within 24 hours, Monday-Friday!

Roxy Skis

Size: 162cm
Reg: $600.00 On Sale: $359.95
Women's suffrage was a great thing for the female of the species. Getting to vote, getting out of the kitchen, following their careers, not needing a man to open jars anymore. Ladies have progressed a long way. This is especially true when talking about winter sports like snowboarding and skiing, and Roxy recognizes the popularity of these sports and produces a high-quality line of products for the fairer gender to feast on. So, after we retract that bit about the jars and offer our sincerest apologies, let's have a look at some Roxy skis and what they really offer.

Roxy provides a line of elite equipment for girls and women primarily, so if you're a dude looking at Roxy, understand that it isn't a girl on Facebook for you to futilely hit on. It's a designer, so take Return of the Mack off of repeat and, for Pete's sake, put away that Nautica cologne. It's not 1997. It's the 2010s, and Roxy skis are at the top of the market for women who can shred, turn and flip like pros.

A model like the Broomstick, for example, isn't a ski for the faint of heart. It's a pair for those who have a pair -- skis for the advanced-expert crowd that needs to reach the next level in the sport. Roxy offers up the traditional camber rocker with a twin tip shape, a Sintered base, a strong wooden core, and a sandwich construction with inclined sidewalls. The Broomstick is basically a bullet you strap to your feet and ride.

Though Roxy skis aren't only for the advanced. There are many models to choose from, no matter what your skill level is. Take models like the Sweetheart, Hocus Pocus, Abracadabra and Girl Wonder as great examples. From beginner to expert, no matter what type of rocker you're comfortable with or what particular shape you like, Roxy makes durable, smooth, quality skis that, at the very least, will shatter jars into a thousand pieces.

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