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Powder Skis are worth investing in for people who are particular about the type of snow they want to ski. These skis will cater perfectly towards…..powder. But before we can dissect the ski we must first define the snow.

What is “powder?”

  • Freshly fallen snow that is not compacted nor tracked up
  • Deep, light, and airy snow
  • Its soft, smooth feel will give you a floating sensation
  • Regional due to the level and type of snowfall required. (ex. The Rocky Mountains are renowned for their succulent and extremely light powder, often referred to as “Champagne Powder”)

There are many ways to describe powder and lay out the benefits of its pure majesty but the common trait among devoted skiers is the constant search for this epic snow. However, riding  powder can be a tricky endeavor for the less experienced skier and for those who don’t possess the adequate equipment. Hence, THE POWDER SKI.


When a skier wants to learn powder skiing they will need the appropriate gear for maneuvering. Most powder new comers will start with All-Mountain skis. These are appropriate because they allow the user easier control in differing snow conditions on all types of terrain.  An All-Mountain ski will provide much more versatility than a pure powder ski but  performance is sacrificed when skiing in more extreme levels of powder.

Powder skiing is usually done by intermediate to advanced skiers due to the increased level of difficulty and energy needed. Therefore, with a powder ski there are many defining characteristics. FAT-POWDER-SKI

  • Wider skis ranging from 100-140 mm in width for the ability to float on top of this loose, deep snow. The width can be a  limiting factor. When off of the powder the ski can lose a considerable amount of edge-to-edge quickness.

  • Softer flex allows for a better ability to stay on top of the snow and grants a more playful feel. Adds a great “pop” in the turn transition.

  • Camber and Rocker hybrid technology is used; giving the ski more flotation capabilities than smaller, skinnier skis. Dramatic sidecut makes for less effort needed from turn to turn.


These type of skis are also great for skiing in Crud Snow. Crud Snow is wind, weather, and skier affected snow. Previously fallen and skied, Crud is set up and hard. Powder Skis can power through this difficult snow condition. Wider skis are recommended for both Powder and Crud. Getting a ski which is too small can result in a more difficult and effort filled skiing experience. As with anything, skiing in powder will take practice and proper instruction from the right mentors. Do not be afraid to ask for sizing advice. Be sure to get the right tool for the job in terms of skier type and snow conditions. This simple advice can make your trip a lot more pleasurable.

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Heading into the deep snow this winter? Thinking about heading off the beaten path? Better grab a pair of powder skis. Worn by deep snow skiers all around the world, the powder ski doesn't have a rival in the land of the deep. You aren't going to make it through that deep snow without them.

With widths ranging from 105mm to 130mm, you'll never have to worry about getting slowed down while out chasing freshies. The extra width allows you to float like an angel above all that glorious powder. Also equipped with twin tips, originally made popular by freestyle skiers (allowing them to ski backwards), powder skis twin tips are phenomenal for handling in the powdered snow, the way you want them to. Twin Tip skis are also forgiving, allowing an easy recovery from slips and spills.

Powder skis come in a variety of colors and designs, guaranteed to fit your unique style. If you’re going to take to the deep snow this season, grab yourself a pair of powder skis from The House and take to the mountain like a pro. We carry dozens of brands and over one hundred different pairs so you can carve out your own path without letting the groomed trail dictate your adventure!

Powder not your thing? Our ski shop carries a full variety of skis from all-mountain and twin tip to alpine touring and park.