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The new Jordan's or the classic Chuck Taylors? A 2014 Mustang or a '66 Shelby? These little question fragments have probably got you scratching your head. That's okay; just pick. Do you like the new stuff, or do you prefer the classics? For those preferring the classics, Otnes Skis are undoubtedly the pair you've been waiting for. Unlike newer, flashier models with space-aged materials and wild standout designs, Otnes sticks with the basics and crafts skis that have the old-style look and feel some skiers prefer.

However, these weren't crafted back in Ben Franklin's day. Though Otnes may create old-school products, they use new-school methods. So while you're getting a ski that looks like a classic, it's going to perform like any pro-style ski on the market. What this means: You get great edge hold, a smooth ride, plenty of flex, and unparalleled balance. The Camber mixed with the Twin Tip shape allows you to glide along easily with full control, while the poplar core provides the lightweight strength every skier is looking for.

Going old-school isn't for everyone. Some people prefer the bright, flashy items with all the bells and whistles. But if you're just a skier and don't need to impress anyone but yourself, Otnes' products are a great way to go.