Intermediate Skis

We want you to get better at skiing as much as your mom does, so get your next pair of Intermediate Skis here at The House Boardshop. With brands like K2, Dynastar, and Salomon, you'll be stoked to pass on your old skis to little brother and get on some intermediate skis to really excel. With our price match guarantee you'll be getting gear at the lowest price. Mama's going to be so proud! Order today and we'll ship out your Intermediate Skis within 24 hours, Monday-Friday.
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Armada AR7 Skis Product Video 28% Off
  • 166cm,
  • 171cm,
  • 176cm,
  • 181cm
Reg: $649.99 On Sale:
Dynastar 6Th Sense Superpipe Skis Product Video 36% Off
  • 175cm
Reg: $398.95 On Sale:
Fischer Guru Skis Product Video 30% Off
  • 168cm,
  • 178cm
Reg: $475.00 On Sale:
Fischer Hybrid 9.0 Skis Extra Discount in Cart Product Video 45% Off
  • 173cm,
  • 180cm,
  • 187cm
Reg: $995.00 On Sale:
Fischer Watea 88 Skis Extra Discount in Cart Product Video 45% Off
  • 160cm,
  • 176cm,
  • 184cm
Reg: $695.00 On Sale:
K2 Side Show Skis Product Video 36% Off
  • 181cm,
  • 188cm
Reg: $810.00 On Sale:
K2 Sight Skis Product Video 17% Off
  • 159cm,
  • 169cm,
  • 179cm
Reg: $480.00 On Sale:
Line Prophet 85 Skis Product Video 45% Off
  • 172cm,
  • 179cm,
  • 186cm
Reg: $550.00 On Sale:
Rossignol S2 Howell Skis Product Video 50% Off
  • 160cm,
  • 170cm,
  • 180cm
Reg: $550.00 On Sale:
Rossignol S3 Pommier Skis Product Video 50% Off
  • 170cm
Reg: $650.00 On Sale:
Volkl Wall Skis 27% Off
  • 161cm,
  • 169cm
Reg: $675.00 On Sale:
Just like skiers, skis come in different levels, and getting the right skis for your level is vital to your skill development and to your overall fun. Intermediate skis take over where beginner skis leave off, and provide you with the next step in your quest towards mountain domination. Just like with beginner skis, intermediate level skis come from the biggest and best names in the business, like Salomon, Rossignol, K2, Dynastar, Atomic, and many others, and offer every bit of the high quality and strong performance you've come to expect and depend on.

If you've been using beginner skis up until now, it's time for more, even if you've wondered how much more there is. Once you try out a pair of intermediate skis, you won't feel you've maxed out your abilities and you'll immediately see a whole new world of potential for fun and skill development, no matter what kind of skiing you're into. Whether you're thinking downhill, all-mountain, or cross country, there's an intermediate ski waiting to show you what it—and you—can do.