Renown for incredible performance, Icelantic Skis are a driving force in modern ski technology. Perfect for both beginners and professionals, every skier is bound to find a pair of Icelantic Skis they'll favor for years. Order your new pair of Icelantic Skis today and The House will ship it out within 24 hours, Monday-Friday., keeping the stoke alive since 1982.
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Size: 189cm
Reg: $729.00 On Sale: $473.95
Icelantic is passionate about skis, skiers and skiing. Exploration, creativity, and self-discovery are what Icelantic Skis are all about. Made in America, stylish, and innovative, Icelantic can outfit anyone willing to explore their potential and push their boundaries in style.

Whether you’re carving it up on a great pair of Pilgrim skis or aggressively cutting it up on a pair of Scouts, the quality is always extraordinary. Artful, strong and trendsetting, Icelantic Skis are perfect for skiers at every level. All of the ski models, including Nomad, Shaman, Keeper, and Oracle, expand and enhance the basic design ideals of the good old standards of the Pilgrim and Scout skis. Always modern and fashion forward, Icelantic's image meets and exceeds all standards. Float, carve, and power on.

No matter your style, Icelantic Skis have the quality to provide the highest performance to skiers of all levels. Driven to push the boundaries, Icelantic skis are based on fresh concepts and innovation to expand your mind and attain your peak performance on the most uniquely styled skis. Brilliant design and mind blowing graphics puts Icelantic skis a cut above the rest. Carve it up.