Head Skis

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Head Skis

Size: 172cm
Reg: $520.00 On Sale: $259.95
Size: 161cm, 171cm, 176cm, 184cm
Reg: $650.00 On Sale: $261.95
Size: 171cm, 181cm
Reg: $700.00 On Sale: $460.95
Size: 169cm, 178cm
Reg: $640.00 On Sale: $383.95
Size: 163cm, 172cm, 181cm
Reg: $375.00 On Sale: $224.95
Head Skis - An Epic Evolution

Howard Head was dissatisfied with his performance on the traditional wooden skis, so using his educational and work background as an engineer for an airplane manufacturing company, Head created the first composite ski in the late 1940's. By 1950, Head Ski Company, Inc. was established and Head was promoting his new creation to world class skiers. With much perseverance and faith in his design, Head skis became the top selling brand in the United States and Europe by 1955. Over the next several years, many mergers and changes occurred with the company until in 1995, the company was acquired by avid skier and Swedish investor Johan Eliasch, who is still the present CEO. After a bit of restructuring, the company was reintroduced in 2000 as Head N.V. and has been a constant top producer in the ski industry.

The KERS technology incorporates a Kinetic Energy Recover System that enables the skis to enhance a skiers acceleration from one turn into the next, similar to the pilot of a Formula 1 race car. Creating stiffness in the tail allows for this acceleration to occur, which results in a boost in the ski for the rider. Another enhancement to Head skis is the ERA 3.0 technology. This allows for more stability for the rider to make all abilities feel and be better skiers. A 3-dimensional design that incorporates a rocker, which reduces vibrations in the tip of ski, and provides effortless turning capabilities for the rider off all levels.

Head's ski team of elite athletes is as equally impressive as their line of innovative and high performance skis. In his lifetime, sponsored racer Aksel Lund Svindal has had 20 World Cup wins and has won 1 Olympic medal each in gold, silver and bronze. After testing out many other brands, he chose the speed and amazing service of the Head company. Another well known Head sponsored athlete is Lindsay Vonn, who is currently training hard to compete in the 2014 Sochi Olympics after a severe knee injury last year.

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