Rossignol Ski Poles

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Size: 115cm (46in), 120cm (48in), 125cm (50in)
Reg: $60.00 On Sale: $38.95
Size: 115cm (46in)
Reg: $80.00 On Sale: $51.95

Size: 110cm, 115cm, 120cm
Reg: $40.00 On Sale: $29.95
Size: 90cm (36in), 95cm (38in), 100cm (40in), 105cm (42in), 115cm (46in)
Reg: $40.00 On Sale: $25.95

Size: 95cm (38in)
Reg: $70.00 On Sale: $31.95
Size: 108cm (42.5in)
Reg: $79.95 On Sale: $39.95

Size: 95cm (38in), 100cm (40in), 105cm (42in)
Reg: $30.00 On Sale: $19.95
Size: 115cm (46in), 130cm (52in)
Reg: $60.00 On Sale: $38.95

Size: 120cm (48in), 125cm (50in)
Reg: $40.00 On Sale: $32.00
The Rossignol has signaled high quality for more than a hundred years, and Rossignol ski poles are no exception. Built with great craftsmanship and durable material, these provide the perfect functionality on every terrain. As testament to their innovative ways, these ski poles may be constructed with aluminum alloy shaft to make it lightweight yet resistant. Included tip steel plates provide much needed sturdiness to ensure proper cohesion between skis and poles. Axium grips offer supreme comfort to hold the poles with confidence for long periods of time.

Rossignol ski poles offer better handling, accuracy and precision than other competitors. These bad twin bring the best of both worlds in terms of durability and performance features!