4FRNT Ski Poles

With deals of up to 33% now is the time to capitalize on 4FRNT ski poles through The-House.com. 4FRNT has always been paving the way for the freeskiing lifestyle and their poles can only accentuate your steez. Order now and we'll ship your 4FRNT ski poles out within 24 hours.

4FRNT Ski Poles

Size: 120cm (48in)
Reg: $59.99 On Sale: $41.95
Q-Tip once asked a question to rival the wisdom of the great Confucius, "What are martial arts without Daniel-San?" Nothing! And as you wax on and wax off in memoriam of incredible Ralph Macchio movies, ask yourself another life-altering question. What's skiing without the ski poles? A wreck waiting to happen, probably, so it's best to grab yourself a pair of 4FRNT Ski Poles to ensure stability.

4FRNT shows ski aficionados everywhere that a ski pole doesn't have to be as simplistic and arrow-straight as a walking cane or a pool cue. You can use high-quality, strong, durable materials in the construction, while also offering comfortable grips and an interchangeable basket system. You can do much more for a skier's comfort and security than just creating a straight piece of metal with a point at the end, and 4FRNT does it better than anyone.

Part of the beauty of 4FRNT Ski Poles is that they're very neutral and simplistic. So no matter what other type of gear you have, your 4FRNT gear isn't going to clash with it. It's simply going to complement what you already have while making your ride a lot smoother and safer.

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