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Marker Ski Pants 1 available

Size: Small
Reg: $248.95 On Sale: $136.95
With Marker Ski Pants, there's no reason to only wear a ski jacket and leave half your body unprotected. Marker's ski pant selection is made to provide warmth for any outdoor activity, all day long, without allowing heat and perspiration to build up beneath thanks to excellent breathability and venting. Even when it’s wet outside, you'll be dry underneath as the incredible waterproof technology keeps the external moisture out!

Made of durable material, you can count on Marker Ski Pants to suit your needs all season long and to protect you when the winds blow. Their all-important element-proofing adds to your comfort level. Marker Ski Pants can easily be worn as an outer layer over thermals and additional layers without adding unnecessary bulk. You won't have to worry about the cold breaking your concentration, interfering with your focused performance, or just plain ruining your fun.

Luckily, Marker knows you care about how you look too, so they didn't let fashion be forgotten. Instead, they combined fashion with functionality to give you a sweet looking pair of snow pants you won't be embarrassed to stride through the lodge in as you look for someone to swap slope stories with. Whatever your personal style is, Marker has something you'll feel cool in while staying warm.