Salomon Ski Boots

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Size: 10.5 (28.5), 11.5 (29.5)
Reg: $550.00 On Sale: $359.95
Size: 11-11.5 (29)
Reg: $925.00 On Sale: $522.45

Size: 10.5 (28.5), 11.5 (29.5)
Reg: $850.00 On Sale: $559.95
Size: 8.5 (26.5)
Reg: $250.00 On Sale: $159.95

Size: 9.5 (27.5), 10.5 (28.5), 11.5 (29.5), 12.5 (30.5), 13.5 (31.5)
Reg: $475.00 On Sale: $399.99
Size: 11.5 (29.5)
Reg: $300.00 On Sale: $199.95

Size: 8.5 (26.5), 9.5 (27.5), 10.5 (28.5), 11.5 (29.5), 12.5 (30.5)
Reg: $350.00 On Sale: $239.95
Size: 11.5 (29.5)
Reg: $475.00 On Sale: $319.99

Size: 10.5 (28.5), 11 (29), 11.5 (29.5)
Reg: $625.00 On Sale: $405.95
Size: 11.5 (29.5), 12.5 (30.5), 13.5 (31.5)
Reg: $350.00 On Sale: $299.99

Size: 9.5 (27.5), 10.5 (28.5), 11.5 (29.5), 12.5 (30.5)
Reg: $475.00 On Sale: $319.95
Size: 11.5 (29.5)
Reg: $475.00 On Sale: $319.99
Salomon ski boots are feature-rich and ultra-comfortable, making them an appealing choice for ski bums and babes at all skill levels! Since its inception, Salomon has had a passion for creating the best ski gear on the market. Due to superior engineering, ski boots by Salomon have earned their reputation on the slopes. Go with what the pros use and never look back!

The first thing you'll notice about Salomon's ski boots is variety. From man, woman to child riding everything from the bunny hill to backcountry pow, Salomon has an offering that will fit everyone’s needs without ever failing to impress. If you need extra warmth, Salomon has a boot for that. How about more comfort walking? They've got that, too. Let the hardcore performance ski boots push you to your limits. You better believe Salomon has you covered, too! Salomon boots are absolutely stuffed with features, meaning they're technologically advanced while remaining easy to use and always durable. Take their X-Fit Fusion Advanced, for instance. It may seem like marketing mumbo-jumbo, but on the contrary, it brings you benefits you'll enjoy. Features may include thermo-moldable liner with a customizable tongue for increased comfort in your lower leg, plus a wide rear ankle area to relieve common areas of discomfort. In simpler terms, it keeps you comfortable even on those long and hard ski days you love.

Salomon also offers awesome Twin Frame Custom Shell technology. This innovation maximizes the control and transmission you need in your ski boots, giving you progressive flex, thrilling edge-to-edge transfer and superior back support and flex management. Only from Salomon, the X-Max TWIN frame technology gives you a super rigid shell to improve all-around performance. With Salomon's impressive and extensive selection of advanced features and epic quality, you truly need to experience Salomon ski boots to understand what they have to offer. You can read about features all day long, but you'll never know what it's like to ski with Salomon until you take the plunge and get yourself a pair—it’s our promise: you'll never want to go back to lesser equipment again!

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