Kids Lange Ski Boots

Invest in a pair of Kids Lange Ski Boots today and watch your spawn begin to transform into a grown professional! Help chisel in some skill with these epic Kids Ski Boots by Lange, and make it a habit to know quality gear at its best. Order a pair of new Kids Lange Ski Boots today and The House will ship it out within 24 hours, Monday-Friday!

Lange Ski Boots

Size: 5.5 (23.5), 6.5 (24.5)
Reg: $648.95 On Sale: $473.95
Size: 5.5 (23.5)
Reg: $548.95 On Sale: $399.95
Size: 7.5 (25.5), 8.5 (26.5), 9.5 (27.5)
Reg: $260.00 On Sale: $168.95

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