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Superfeet Footbeds

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  • Insoles
Material: REBOUND foam, Outlast Adaptive Comfort
Recommended Use:
  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year

Description: Superfeet Footbeds

Designed primarily for tighter fitting footwear, Superfeet BLUE is our most versatile product. Ideal for Low to Medium Arch shaped feet that cannot tolerate maximum support. Recommended footwear: Cleated athletic footwear and all types of Casual and Dress shoes.

C: 5.5-7 A: 2.5-4 A: 13.5-2
D: 7.5-9 B: 4.5-6 B: 2.5-4
E: 9.5-11 C: 6.5-8
F: 11.5-13 D: 8.5-10
G: 13.5-15
H: 15.5-17

  • Material: Closed-cell Trocellen™ foam design enhances comfort and absorbs shock
  • Provides maximum support, stability, balance and shock-absorbtion
  • Slight rocker bottom allows for some flex and foot roll
  • Deep heel pocket centers heel and improves control
  • Soft flange area accommodates soft tissue expansion as your feet swell while running or hiking over extended distances
  • Patented profile enhances support and balance while improving shock absorption
  • Contour shape developed from biomechanical principles of podiatric medicine
  • Ideal for feet with medium to high arches
  • Recommended footwear: running, walking, hiking, alpine and industrial footwear


Customer Reviews | Add Your Review!

  • "nice rigid support"

    , AL
    Pros: rigid, trim to fit, Cons: rigid (depends on your preference), Sizing,

    TRY THESE IN STORE. While I am normally size 8.5 and use the 7-9 insole, the arch support is a bit lacking and pinches my arch. Turns out my arch is long and I have to go up another size to really make it work. Otherwise, for the support it does provide, it's not bad. Based on the treads of my shoes, it still helps a little... but could help more if I bought the correct size. :3

  • "AWESOME!"


    These footbeds will help ease so much foot pain. Also, it helps remove the heel space problem that I always had because my boots are a half size bigger. Highly recommend to anyone.

  • "Fixed Arch Pain!"

    Pros: Cured arch pain, Gives a little height , Soft and unnoticeable Cons: Expensive, Cheap looking, Hard to remove from boots

    My 32 boots insole were stiff so it was causing pain on my arch after riding for a bit so I decided to give SuperFeet a try. I am pint size so it was kind of hard to find my size A because most stores don't carry small sizes, but I finally found my size but the price was insanely expensive. I thought the insoles were pretty cheap looking and felt pretty flat, but after sticking them in my boots and trying it out, it worked wonders! My arch weren't hurting anymore and since the insole was so flat I didn't even really notice they were there, plus the little height lift helped out with my heel lift some. My boots is a size 3 but the insole fitted just fine without cutting it down and it's really secure which will make it a pain to remove later. The green insole is their universal line so for snowboarding I should of bought the hot pink insole, but at least I know it works. If you have arch pain then you should give SuperFeet a try.

  • "happy feet"

    , American Canyon, CA
    Pros: comfort, support, cushioning, fit, Cons: none,

    the boots that i have are a little smaller than my liking, wit superfeet, it fits perfect now. never had heel lift wit the original insoles, but these cushions my feet better so no more beated up feet at the end of the day. the original insoles were great but these contours my feet 3000x better. i'm gelling.

  • "one of my best gear purchases"

    , Kuna, ID
    Pros: reileved my foot cramping, warm, Cons:

    I was looking at getting custom insoles for my boots when I heard about these and I'm stoked that I found these because they are great! They are super warm, comfy, and supportive, before I had a tiny bit of heel lift on my toe side turns (probably what was causing my foot cramps from holding on with my toes) now it's a perfect fit. For me I dont think I would benefit from the custom insoles anymore than the superfeet not to mention they are like $100 cheaper!

  • "Comfortable"

    , Everett, WA
    Pros: Comfort, Good fit, Cons: Price,

    These are great pair of insole and would put them in all my shoes if they didnt cost so much! Makes wearing your boot all day soooo much better. Ride all day without killing your feet. 4 stars because of price...

  • "Best thing for my feet"

    Pros: arch support, Cons:

    I have low-med arches. I have both blue and green superfeet but the blue ones fit better. I only used to put them in my snowboard boots, but now I use them for my normal shoes as well. I can't go back without having superfeet in my shoes.

  • "Need high arch for these"

    Pros: arch support, Cons:

    I have low-med arches. But I bought both blue and green to try them out. But my arches weren't high enough for these, and I feel a slight pressure point on my arch, although it's not painful.

  • "perfect for flat feet"

    , Fort Collins, CO
    Pros: Great if you have flat feet, Cons: price,

    These inserts are great if you have flat feet. They make your shoes way more comfortable. They are a little on the higher price than something you would buy at the store but are worth it.

  • "blues clues"

    Pros: super duper cushion, good fit, Cons:

    very comfortable fit and absorbes quite a bit of shocks. i am very impressed with the blues. 5 out of 5

  • "footsavier, knesavier and ankle hero"

    , solna, stockholm
    Pros: makes your fet relax and stabalise them, Cons: it can break when you put it out and in shoes,

    these saved my ankes and knes, i use them in my normal shoes when they healed also. i will have to get another pair for my snow boots. buy them to save yourself injuries in the future for walking in bad shoes etc. also for your snowboard boots of course ;)

  • "A MUST have!"

    Pros: Comfortable, ride longer in the day, Cons: none,

    When I first started snowboarding, my feet was in terrible pain. I bought this hopefully to relief that pain. It definitely did the trick. I was able to ride longer throughout the day as well as progress at a faster pace. Not only that, I felt there was less of a heal lift since I was able to fill more in my boot. This is definitely a MUST for anyone who is into snowboarding.

  • "good"

    , Canberra, ACT
    Pros: soft, padded, Cons: expensive,

    they are realatively expensive for what you get but they still help a little

  • "Great for boots"

    Pros: nice feeling, good for boots, Cons: none,

    I bought these to put in my boots because the burton motos didnt have the support I liked and these solved that problem. Great product.

  • "Very very good!"

    , melbourne, Vic
    Pros: Adds comfort, Adds Support, Cons:

    Turn your boots into big socks! These make such a big difference, i have no longer felt any heel lift or cramps in my calves and arches, a really good buy, $31 seems expensive but its well worth it!

  • "Superbeet"

    , AL
    Pros: provides support and stays rigid, you can use them on legular shoes , Cons: Expensive, smell after a while, like any insole,

    Got these things pro-bono through the shop i used to work at and actually received multiple pairs, one of which was the snow sports version. They work well and everything but once you feet you used to them, they just become like any other type of insole. i eventually took them off cause my feet started cramping up and hte stench that it gathered wasnt too hot either.

  • "Awesome product"

    Pros: Great cushioning, Really supportive, Excellent fit Cons: A bit pricey,

    I have been using these insoles for a while now. I have to admit I have never used them in a snowboard boot. I wish I thought of that before though. I have been using them in my tennis shoes. I think they are a bit thinner than the insoles that came in my shoes so I get better cushioning and support, but I don't sacrifice any feel for the ground. I will have to try them out in my boots this season although my boots are pretty darn comfy.

  • "worth the money"

    Pros: stability , Cons:

    Used it since 3 years ago its lot better then reg footbad that comes with the boots

  • "Feet Feel Great!"

    Pros: Super Comfy, Best Feel Ever, Cons:

    At first, I thought that these were a little pricy, but I dont regret at all buying these. They are super comfy, and my feet dont hurt at all after shredding for a whole day. Go get them today, or let your feet burn all day while riding. your call.


    Pros: comfortable, much much better than standard footbed, Cons: pricey,

    a custom footbed is a must have for any serious snowboarder, they make the experience so much better.... i once thought that i had bought bad boots, but the real problem was the crappy stock foot bed that came with the boots.

  • "never worked in snowboard boots"

    Pros: Good arc support, Cons: difficult to customize for my feet,

    I got them because my feet were hurting, but they never really helped. I was told to cut some of the plastic on the bottom off so it would hit my foot in the right place and that didn't help. Since they are made to fit a wide variety of feet they just never worked well for me. I ended up putting them in a pair of my running shoes and they are very comfortable.

  • "Green SuperFeet "

    Pros: Great Support, Comfortable, Cons: Expensive,

    I used to experience feet and knee pain after a long day. After getting these I don't have those foot pains anymore. The support is much better than the ones that come with my shoes.

  • "Your feet will thank you!"

    Pros: Feels good, Relieves pain in the arches, Cons: Pricey,

    For those who have pains in their arches. Solves that problem, feet feels great also closed off a bit of heel lift from a packed out pair of boots.

  • "Really Superfeet!"

    , Auckland, AUK
    Pros: Arch lift, support, Cons: Pricy, too much arch for me,

    I have an unusual foot shape with a bone on the outer side of the foot. To get pressure of it I have to ride only with this kind of item.

  • "A prerequisite"

    Pros: added support, Cons: slightly less cushioning,

    I have these in my Salomon Maori boots, but feel like they're a prerequisite for any boot. The added support is great, and by lifting the heel ever so slightly, I feel like they pull my toes back slightly too, reducing that cramming sensation. These also don't break down like normal insoles do. They're slightly less cushioning that the regular insoles, but the trade off is worth the gain in support.

  • "Stop Cramps"

    Pros: Will save your feet!, Cons:

    I didnt know how bad i was actually hurtin till i tried these. They are super cumfy and stopped my cramps. Now i never ride without them.

  • "Superfeet in every shoes!"

    Pros: Great arch support, Cons: thicker than other superfeet,

    After having used the green super feet inserts for several years and loving them, I bought these to try. It's pink, and it's for women, so why not? They provide a bit more arch support than the green ones, but the front toe padding part is a bit thicker, so my toes felt a bit pinched in certain shoes. I take them out and rotate between shoes. I especially like them in my hiking boots!

  • "A Must Have!!!"

    Pros: keeps the feet from sliding forward, arch support, not bulky Cons: pricey,

    These are life savers! My boots felt a bit smaller than I would've liked, so the store clerk suggested putting these in instead of the regular inserts that the boots come with. They keep my feet back and prevent them from sliding forward which really haves my toes. My feet never feel tired or achy at the end of the day. I put these inserts in all my boots, hiking shoes, and running shoes. They also absorb shocks very well- would be great for jumps and jibs!

  • "niiiiiice"

    Pros: lots of padding, good arch support, Cons: might raise your feet too much,

    I bought these mainly to get rid of the heel-lift with my boots, but I haven't been able to ride with them yet. My boots are already tight fitting, half a size smaller than I should be wearing but I have maybe 1/4 of heel lift. With these on, the heel-lift is definitely eliminated, however they raise my feet up a lot in my boots, which might cause me some pressure points when I ride. Other than that, no complaints about them. I just started using them in my daily walking/workout shoes and they feel amazing!

  • "Saved my feet"

    , Avondale Heights, Vic
    Pros: Good support, Cons:

    I used to have a lot of problems finding a boot that was comfortable over a long period due to a wide front foot and high arches. Superfeet were fantastic for me, the support offered over the standard footbed has made a huge difference in my riding comfort.

  • "Superfeet = super happy"

    Pros: Keeps your feet happy, Support, Comfort Cons: cost an extra 20% - 30% more of the cost of boots,

    I have a pair of these in my boots. I use the green also when I go running. I tried using just the insoles the shoes normally come vs the superfeet, and I don't want to go back. My superfeet has lasted me about 2 yrs switching between my boots and running shoes. I only noticed a difference because I bought a new pair and I could tell the old ones seemed more flat.

  • "What a difference"

    , Natrona Heights, PA
    Pros: Comfort, Durable, Cons: High Price, Never on Sale,

    Wow... what a difference these made for me. I'm so happy with how they made my snow boots fit, I'm considering buying them for my work boots and skate shoes too. I've only tried the green so far. Believe the hype, they can make your riding day or any day a lot more comfortable.

  • "Uncomfortable Feet Says... Your Boots NEED These!"

    , Lincolnwood, IL
    Pros: Great Support, Help My Plantar Faciatis / Heel Pain, Much Cheaper Then Custom Orthotics Cons: Kinda Expensive but worth it,

    Placed in all my athletic shoes / boots but the most noticible results are in my Hiking Boots, Basketball Shoes, Rollerblades, a Snowboarding boots. I Don't use them in my running shoes because I have specific shoes that support the right way. They help support my feet and help alleviate my heel pain. They are like the missing support for a great pair of boot/shoes. I purchased custom orthotics for over $100+ and these feel better. Best inserts on the market!

  • "Arch Support"

    Pros: Arch Support, Padding, Thermal Cons: Thick,

    These are great inserts, especially if you need added arch support. You just buy the appropriate size and trim them to fit your shoes/boots. The only thing about the thermal foil (Thermafoil?) is that they are somewhat delicate and the manufacturer recommends putting the insert in your shoe and leaving it there. With regular Superfeet, you can remove the inserts and put them in any shoe, which saves you money because you can use the same insert in multiple shoes. The snow inserts should only be used in one pair of boots and left there. Also, be aware that the inserts are somewhat of a thick padding. It WILL take up some space in your boot. I recommend taking your boots into the store and trying out the sample Superfeet in your boots before buying them. You will get a better idea of which insert to buy and how much room they will take up in your boot.

  • "Footbed"

    Pros: comfy, good fit, solid Cons: price,

    Overall, does it job. It's has a good feel to it and everyone should get it... if you have the money.

  • "Superfeet for all"

    Pros: Fits better, Comfortable, Supportive Cons: None,

    I have Superfeet in all my daily wear shoes, and in my boots, too. I had heat molded liners before the Superfeet, but at the end of the day, my feet are more comfortable with the Superfeet. I highly recommend them. It's what the podiatrist should recommend trying before you try custom orthotics.

  • "Must have for those with medium high arches"

    Pros: Easy to fit, Comfy, great support Cons: Sierra never puts them on sale,

    These support those of us with high arches nicely. I popped a pair in after I had packed out my boots pretty bad and these made them feel more like new again. I always get pain in my arch after a couple days of riding and putting these in helped that a lot. 35 bucks may seem a little steep for an insole, but 35 bucks for all day comfort is really worth it in the end.

  • "They work!!!!"

    , EL MONTE, CA
    Pros: Arch support, Cons:

    they are a must if your boots are packed out. My arches are not sore anymore thanks to them!

  • "low arches"

    , RENO, NV
    Pros: day and night differnce over stock, Cons:

    i have a few sets of these and their great. arch support make a world of a differnce. i even wear them in my shoes. the blue ones work better for me then the green ones since i have a low arch

  • "make your boots super"

    , RENO, NV
    Pros: arch support, heal impact padding, Cons: make sure u get the right kind,

    i have a few sets of these and their great. arch support make a world of a differnce. i even wear them in my shoes

  • "Works Well"

    Pros: Comfortable, Easy to fit into my boot, Cons:

    When I bought my snowboard boots, my feet would always get extremely soar halfway through the day, and stay soar until the next day. These really helped with that, and now I can get through a few hard park days before my feet feel trashed.

  • "Better than stock insoles!"

    Pros: Comfort, Arch support, Cons:

    I bought these to replace the less than desirable insoles that came with my Burton Hails. The difference was night and day as far as comfort, support and a little added heel hold. I just got my new Celsius boots which look like they have a insole with a similar design, so I'll do a little riding in the stock ones to see if they come close to the superfeets performance but will likely end up switching them out.

  • "Wow!!!"

    , Bullard, TX
    Pros: Comfort, Arch Support, Cons:

    Comfort, Comfort, Comfort! Need I say more? I want Superfeet Greens in every shoe I own!

  • "these are awesome for flat feet!"

    , VIENNA, VA
    Pros: great support, more durable than factory insole, Cons: none!,

    i have pretty flat feet and have found that the blue or black superfeet insoles help relieve a ton of pain from factory insoles. at first i thought they were a little pricey, but for a day of pain free riding, it's worth every penny.

  • "Bye Bye Heel Lif"

    Pros: Heel Lift, Cons: None,

    Superfeet are definitely my new best friends. I have oddly shaped feet, and normally get a ton of heel lift. I bought these to go with my new Flow boots. They completely eliminated the slight heel lift that i was getting in the new Flows. I'll never ride without them again.

  • "great purchase."

    , DAVIS, CA
    Pros: eliminates heel lift, impact absorbant, Cons: limited sizes, not on sale!,

    These eliminated a lot of the heel lift I had for buying the wrong sized boots. I'm really thankful and happy I got these!

  • "Alright"

    , Whyalla, SA
    Pros: Easy to fit, Cons:

    Got a pair of these before my big trip to Japan. I found they were very easy to cut to size and fit up and slipped into the boot with ease. First impressions were i could barely feel them in the boot and did not thing they were doing anything. Rode with them the entire trip and did not come across any soreness in the feet/legs to speak off so was pretty impressed. Just make sure that you get the exact right size and shape that you need for your foot!

  • "Very helpful"

    Pros: Comfortable, Lightweight, Cons:

    Girlfriend picked these up, and she says it removed her heel lift. She has dainty ankles so it was hard for her to tighten her boots that far. These compensated for the heel lift and now everything is smooth.

  • "Super Comfy!"

    Pros: comfortable, solved heel lift (only a little), Cons: numbed my toes,

    i've read many mixed reviews about how superfeet can and cannot eliminate heel lift. i took my boots to paragon just to try it out for the heck of it and i instantly fell in love! it felt awesome! i didnt care if it can eliminate heel lift or not anymore. my boots felt so much for comfortable! the day after i got my superfeet, i went snowboarding to test it out. it didnt completely eliminate heel lift but it took up some of the room. this green one is thicker than the blue superfeet. the only problem i did have with these is that it kept numbing my toes.

  • "Happy Feet"

    , WA
    Pros: Great Support, Nearly elliminates my ankle pain, Keeps me on my feet longer without pain Cons:

    After having ankle surgery nearly 10 years ago now, I've been riding many years with constant daily pain. I started trying out various footbeds and have tried a few colors of Superfeet but have some to love the Greens. With the added arch support in both my shoes and boots, I have noticed great strides in eliminating the continuous pain I had for years and have been able to stay on my feet for longer periods of time. Overall, I'd say that if you have issues with being on your feet for long periods of time for whatever reason, these are a great start to working those problems out.

  • "awesome"

    , Eagan, MN
    Pros: awesome shock absorbtion , comfy, Cons:

    these are great i use them in my snowboarding and skateboarding shoes and i have never really got any pains from the shock of hitting the ground hard. They are awesome.

  • "great!"

    Pros: great support, Cons:

    these have a really high arch so they add a little to the end of your boot, maybe a half inch. makes boots spacious.

  • "Superfeet Green"

    , Bolingbrook, IL
    Pros: support, pronation control, Cons: sometimes too aggressive,

    good insoles for a higher arch. i would get your arch checked out at a running store or somewhere with a pressure mat. if you have a flatter foot this will hurt a lot to wear (try superfeet blue). other than that, does it's job to keep the foot in a neutral position when riding/running/whatever. DO NOT wear these for 10 hours the first time you get them. there is an adjustment period for your feet to get accustomed to being pushed back laterally from how they were. wear them a couple hours in normal shoes before putting in your boots or you'll regret it.

  • "Can't ride without them"

    , AUBURN, AL
    Pros: added needed arch support, allows for better balance, makes any boot more comfortable Cons: not a high enough arch for me, added cost to a boot,

    I have ridiculously high arches and have prescription insoles for my regular shoes. However, they don't work in my boot, so I needed something else. These made my boots 100x more comfortable, and I'm not in so much pain by the end of the day since they put my foot in the correct position in the boot. They would be perfect if my arches weren't quite so high...

  • "superior to most stock footbeds"

    , lemoore, CA
    Pros: nearly eliminates heel lift +fills out looser fits, sturdy arch support + lots of sizes/styles, cheaper than most other brands Cons: still too exp for plastic and foam,

    Take out and inspect the footbeds that came factory installed in your boots...see how flimsy they are? Even high-end boots come with lame footbeds, so do yourself a favor and replace them with 3rd party footbeds. There's a lot of different brands from which to choose, but Superfeet are about as accessible as any and they're probably less expensive. More importantly, Superfeet are really good. After trying these a couple years back, my boots fit better and I haven't since snowboarded without them.

  • "Great for your feet!"

    Pros: better comfort than factory inserts, Cons: additional cost to boot,

    I use superfeet footbeds in all my shoes..even my snowboard boots and they do wonders..they provide the right amount of support!

  • "Superfeet rock!"

    , san diego, CA
    Pros: Excellent support, Cons:

    I've worn Superfeet in nearly all my shoes, and every pair of boots since '98. Ride in the morning, go to work, exercise after work... never once having foot pain or fatigue. EVA insoles in boots break down within weeks, these last about 3-6 months, and can go longer. Superfeet will make your boots fit better and allow your feet to work the way evolution designed. Your posture all starts at your feet. Do yourself a favor and buy these now. I'd give these 10 stars if I could. I will never ride without Superfeet.

  • "Flat feet + Boots = PAINNNNN"

    , piedmont, CA
    Pros: Alleviated some of the arch pain felt when riding my burton hails. Cons: Pain didn't go completly away. Can cut through gortex lined boots due to the plastic in the heel base.

    THis defitnly helped alleviate some of the arch pain i was getting from riding my hail boots arounds. I have large wide feet. My feet used to hurt so bad I'd have to stop mid-run. Now its not so bad. I'd def give these a try

  • "Very good"

    Pros: Hold your feet in place really well - no more slipping around in boots, and thus no more blisters under my toes. Love 'em. Cons: Kind of expensive, and it's a bit of a hassle to move in and out of boots because the plastic reinforcement doesn't bend

  • "sooperdooper"

    , AK
    Pros: once i got in superfeet i never went back. a good footbed is firm and supportive, as opposed to soft and squishy like most people think. soft just feels good when you put your foot in the shoe/boot, but its not really supporting you. superfeet is the b Cons:

  • "Great"

    Pros: comfy, added support Cons:

    Provides a lot of added comfort to the boot. I was hoping to help tighten my boots up a little but, but not much luck there. However, its not really meant for that, but meant for the comfort, so in that sense, great.

  • "Didn't notice much of a difference"

    , Orange, CA
    Pros: Adds support to arch and it's supposed to help heel lift. Cons: Expensive and they need to be trimmed to size.

    didn't notice much of a difference but they didn't cause any issues either. I have always run good boots so I guess this has less effect.

  • "Get these to improve your stability."

    Pros: I was wondering why the salesman was trying to get me to buy these at first but when I stepped on them in the store I felt an immediate difference in my stability. I was being pushed in the chest with a good amount of force and I didn't even have to Cons: price

    You won't wear boots without these once you have them.

  • "No More Tired Feet"

    , Elk Grove, CA
    Pros: Custom support, cupped heels keep your foot in place and helps balance your step. Cons: Price? You get what you pay for in this case.

    I have these in my ski boots. Best thing I've ever purchased. After a day of skiing, I didn't have any aches or tiredness like I usually had. My feet were completely supported. I'm a walking advertisement for these. These should come with ALL footwear!

  • "Replace your factory insoles"

    , SAN JOSE, CA
    Pros: I replaced the cheap insole that came in my Burton Sabbaths (why do they put in such a cheap insole with such a nice liner?). The Superfeet insoles are so much more comfortable and provide added cushion and support. I wouldn't ride with anything el Cons:

  • "I like 'em."

    Pros: I like these. My arches kept flattening and pushing my toes into the boot (they fit fine otherwise, and going up in size resulted in a ton of heel lift), so I picked up a pair of Superfeet and threw it in. Had to trim it a bit to get it to fit properly (a Cons: You do have to get used to them; the arches are farther back than on most insoles. They're a bit hard, so it's not like walking on clouds, but it's not bad to the point of being uncomfortable for me.

  • "My feet love these..."

    Pros: Easy to trim and fit, super comfy, easy way to retrofit some well-worn boots. Cons: None

    I have a pair of Northwave boots that I rode on for four seasons. They were pretty well packed out and dead so I threw a pair of Superfeet in them and they're good as new and I didn't have to go through the horrible break-in period of a new pair of boots. Buy These!

  • "Superfeet Green Footbeds - awesome"

    , Lafayette, CO
    Pros: I have high arches and narrow heels. These do the job in my boots. No more foot pain. It's less expensive than custom footbeds that most snowboard pro's go with. Cons:

  • "Great arch support"

    , Sierra Madre, CA
    Pros: great arch support Cons:

    I've got a low arch, and the wintergreen footbeds keep me going all day

  • "Superfeet Green Footbeds"

    , LA MESA, CA
    Pros: Great fit... really make the difference between having sore or not after riding all day! Cons:

  • "Superfeet Green Footbeds Accessories"

    Pros: Good for your snowboarding boots or even your tennis shoes! Cons:

    My feet feel so comfy now after months of them going numb after a few runs. I don't go riding without them!!

  • "absolutely awesome"

    , NEW YORK, NY
    Pros: great support, makes boots comfy. Cons:

    Everyone should at least try these out in a shop at least once. Offers great support and comfort. Can't rave about these enough.

  • "super feet fixed me:D"

    , Troutdale, OR
    Pros: They help your feet out alot!, cheaper than at a store, good for low arch Cons:

    i used to have heal and arch problems, even though im young, and i used gell insoles, but that made it worse. I tried out super feet at the Shoe Mill, and bought them right after, they really do help out! i havent had any foot problems since, and i can put them in my boots in the winter.

  • "Superfeet are worth it!"

    Pros: comfort, used in multiple shoes/boots, Cons: pricey,

    I have a pair of these in my sneakers and green in my boots. The blue just feel so comfortable for everyday use while the green are better for when I go running. I tried using just the insoles that the boots and shoes normally come vs the superfeet, and if I could buy superfeet for all my shoes, I would.

  • "Change my life"

    , East Brisbane, QLD
    Pros: Excellent for low arches, Cons:

    Got these last week and used them in my rugby boots for the first time on the weekend. Unbelievable, I have flat feet the pressure points i experience in my rugby boots are very similar to those i get snowboarding, and can be unbearable at times. For the first time in years i didn't have to ice my feet after a game so i can't wait untill i get to test them out on the slopes

  • "didn't work too well"

    , Brooklyn, NY
    Pros: color, Cons: foot cramp,

    I felt cramping in my feet so decided to try out the blue superfeet footbed. I have burton freestyle boots so it already comes with a footbed which I replaced with superfeet. It's very comfortable walkin around but when I'm snowboarding, I would feel more cramps on my foot. Not really sure why but it does hurt. There's nothing special about these footbeds in my opinion - maybe I should try both of them on together.

  • "I love these "

    , Davis, CA
    Pros: More comfy, Less ache later, Cheap but effective Cons: Have to get used to them,

    Oh man I love these. They make it so much more comfortable to wear snowboard/ski boots for long periods of time. Not only that but they're good to wear in running shoes or regular shoes. I wear these all the time. Before I wore these my feet constantly hurt (I have low arches) after I wore them my feet felt much better and it even improved my arches!

  • "Comfort"

    , Cairnlea, Vic
    Pros: reduces pain, can ride all day, Cons:

    use to experience pain in my burton hail boots all the time. the pain was from the sole of my feet. decided to get these and they solved the problem. they feel great. only problem was that my feet were too wide so had to get a size up and trim everything down.

  • "blues for people with low arches"

    , lemoore, CA
    Pros: practically eliminates heel lift, for flatter feet, blues = lower arches than green , well padded Cons:

    When I was first recommended Superfeet, I bought the wintergreen (discontinued) because they were marketed for snow sports. Unfortunately, I found the arches on greens to be way too high for my feet and that caused pain after a few hours riding. I have since dropped down to the blues because they have a lower arch, yet still have a similar heel and padding as greens. The pain has gone and I can ride all day.

  • "My feet's Best Friend! "

    Pros: Comfortable, more energy transfer, stable, Cons: none,

    I tried the green version, the arches was a bit too high for me. When I first started snowboarding, after using this pad, it definitely did the trick. I was able to ride longer throughout the day as well as progress at a faster pace. Not only that, I felt there was less of a heal lift since I was able to fill more in my boot. This is definitely a MUST for anyone who is into snowboarding.

  • "Temporary remedy for your potential disability"

    , san francisco, CA
    Pros: loss of lower back+calf discomfort, arch support, comfortanble Cons: expensive,

    if you have flat feet, that affects the way you ride, you might even have to rest for a little bit before you get back on the trail. with these, the situation is almost completely rectified haven't tried them in my normal shoes yet but i'll report back on that later

  • "Blue for tighter boot"

    , kirkland, WA
    Pros: great motion control, deep heel cup, arch support Cons: costly , no Met bump, thin padding

    good prices on these, lots of others really over charge for such simple tech. Blue is great for the slightly reduced arch and lower volume, leaving more room in the boot for your foot. Otherwise they are pretty much the same as the green. They are firm and may take some getting used to. Orange Superfeet provide more padding in the front. On the con side without the lump behind under the mets your foot does not get support there and with the rest of the foot being held in place cramping might still be an issue for some. Overall, Superfeet are a great first step in fixing foot issues and for many its all they will ever need. Boarding boots I use Orange Sking I use Blue and or custom insoles.

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