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2XL Spoke Earbuds

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  • Polymer
Driver: 11mm
Frequency Response:
  • 20 Hz - 20,000 Hz
Input Connection:
  • 3.5mm
Cord Length: 1.3m
In Line Volume Adjuster:
  • No
In Line Mic:
  • No
Manufacturer Warranty:
  • 1 Year

Description: 2XL Spoke Earbuds

Spoke earbuds by 2XL is a unique in-ear bud and features noise isolation, in-ear acoustics and changeable gels for a comfortable fit, providing music lovers with a clear sound in color choices to suit any personality.


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  • "Nothing Special!!!"

    , ortonville, MI
    Pros: Free with Purchase, They work!! and they were free, Cons: Loose Fitting, tend to fall out ,

    One should never complain about a free item. They work OK and they are defintely a good giveaway item. Thanks Staff

  • "good for free"

    Pros: work fine, look cool, Cons: fit weird, falls out sometime,

    I got these for free when I bought my board. I think they work fine for headphones and I think they look pretty cool. Personally though I would not buy them. I thought they fit a little weird and one of them tend to fall out of my ear often. Could just be the shape of my ear. I wouldn't buy these if youre looking to get some headphones but if you get em for free like me use them.

  • "Average at best"

    , OLATHE, KS
    Pros: Free w/ purchase, Cons:

    I got these headphones free with my order and they perform like a free headphone should. Sound is very average. They don't seem to stay in at all when I'm moving around much. They would be decent for someone wanting a cheap option when they are riding in a car or just lounging around.

  • "free with order"

    , Oakden, SA
    Pros: okay sound, Cons: not for riding,

    these headphones aren't bad, but they aren't good either. They are okay for just general listening to music, but you can get better sound quality, comfort and functionality. Would be nice if they had iPod control, most decent headphones seem to nowadays. Overall just your run of the mill average headphones.

  • "buds"

    , New Berlin, WI
    Pros: decent sound, free with order, Cons: to big , wont stay in,

    so i guess because i got these free with an order i had but they were far to big for my ears and incidentally wont stay in for crap. the sound is good when they are in but they fit worth a damn.

  • "Good Headphones"

    Pros: Comfortable, Loud, Fit Good Cons:

    I got these headphones with my snowboard purchase. I don't agree with some of the other reviews about them not fitting well. Maybe I just have weird shaped ears, but these seem to fit great and have great noise isolation. It allows all the sound to actually get into my ear and make the music sound pretty good in my opinion. I have used them a couple of times while working out and they don't fall out unless I accidentally catch the chord on a bar or handle. I used to have a pair of Skull Candy Titans and I like these better. Someone mentioned that the chord length is a little long, but I find it to be pretty standard based on my experience (I go through at least 3 or 4 sets of earbuds a year because I always seem to break them working out). Overall these are good earbuds. I personally wouldn't buy them for full price though because of my habit of breaking them. I generally just go for cheap ones so these are a nice free upgrade.

  • "2XL Spokes "

    , Hawthorne, CA
    Pros: Free, Loud, Cons: Fall out easy,

    Got these for free when I bought a snowboard, and they're loud, which I like. The big problem is that they fall out easily... not good. The cable is also a bit long, like theres a good foot and a half of extra cable when my iPod is in my pocket, and I'm 6'2, so I can only imagine what it would be like for other people. Use them around the house, they don't really work if you're mobile.

  • "Not as good as skullcandy - too big"

    , Brooklyn, NY
    Pros: free, looks good, Cons: falls out easily, sound isn't as good as comparable headphone,

    Received these free when bought a board - would recommend other headphones since there are issues with the size of the buds and the sound isn't top notch. then again it was a freebie so that's always nice

  • "2xl headphones"

    , KENT, WA
    Pros: got them free, decent sound quality, Cons: fall out of the ears,

    Got these headphones free with a purchase. The colors on them are pretty sick. Sound quality is not bad at all...not as good as skull candys but i like them more than my standard ipod headphones. Took them with me when I went on a run and they pop out with any small tug on them. I will definitely use them when I am just sitting around studying but will never use these for riding or any other physical activity.

  • "Nothing better then free"

    , alexandria, VA
    Pros: Fit good, Loud sound, Cons:

    I didn't use these on the mountains so I can't say how they would day in. But I did use these in the car ride back just to check them out. As compared with the iphone buds I use they were louder, didn't fall out, and bass sounded good. Yes they would be nice if they had a mic but you can't complain about free!

  • "awesome... because its free"

    , Fairfield, PA
    Pros: good bass, color, Cons: washy sound,

    I got these headphones when i bought my capita scaremaster. They are not skullcandy quality but they are good headphones. There sound is a bit washy but still sounds good. These headphones are awesome because they are free! I wouldnt use these on the mountain though

  • "Pretty good headphones"

    , rockville, MD
    Pros: Looks cool, pretty good sound quality, better than skullcandies Cons: falls apart easily, but don't break,

    These headphones are pretty good. They are cheap enough and have pretty good sound quality. They fall apart kind of easy, but they don't break super fast. I would recommend these headphones, they are pretty solid

  • "cool ear plugs"

    Pros: keep outside noise out, good wire length, have other ear piece covers Cons: fall off easy,

    i purchase my first board and this came free with my order. i use them with my iphone. it keeps out other noise but one thing i hate about them is that they come off easy if the wires are pulled on just a little. and i suggest you to clean your ears before putting these on, because they will pull out some of that wax if you dont. i wouldnt wear these snowboarding because i fall alot and i know it will just get in my way. good length of wire and good earphone for just listening to music while sitting but not good for snowboarding.

  • "Got them free, can't complain!"

    Pros: free, Cons: sound quality can be better,

    I got these for free. They're not the nicest pair of headphones but they are great while snowboarding. My Skullcandy Inkd headphones sound quality is a little better than these. I still fall so when these get dragged in the snow, I won't hate myself for it.

  • "Decent earbuds for free gift"

    , poughkeepsie, NY
    Pros: not bad sound quality, Cons: don't stay in that well while being active,

    I got these as a free gift with my order and they're not as bad as everyone makes them sound. For me they are a back up pair of headphones but they would work perfectly fine for just basic everyday use. I think they could be a little annoying while riding cause they do come out easy when the cord is tugged on a little. All in all not bad if you get them as a free gift with your order.

  • "alright but not the best"

    , Coopersville, MI
    Pros: sound ok, Cons: break easily,

    i only had mine for a fews days and the started falling apart on me... but some of that is my fault. But before they feel apart they sounded descent

  • "Eh. Not The Best"

    , AL
    Pros: Colorful - If that matters, Cost, Cons: Audio quality sub par,

    Not horrible ear buds. If you're getting them for free, then woo hoo. free stuff. But you can get better ones.

  • "Some tough earbuds"

    , Santa Cruz, CA
    Pros: Decent sound quality, Very durable , Cons: Bass could be better,

    These came free with my new board and I absolutely love them. The sound quality is pretty good, maybe not as good as my Skullcandies but they were free so who cares? They are also very durable, I have sent these through the washing machine/drier twice now and they still work just fine.

  • "Decent Earbuds"

    , Golden, CO
    Pros: Looks cool, Works, Multiple sized earbuds Cons: Not great quality, Bass is weak,

    I got these as a gift, so no real complaints. Ended up giving em to my roommate, since I don't really need a new pair of earbuds. Listened to some music out of them, and the bass is pretty weak compared to my sony earbuds.

  • "nice"

    , SAN JOSE, CA
    Pros: good mids and highs, Cons: needs more bass,

    the headphones are good overall. they come with additional ear pieces so you have a god fit but bass could be better.

  • "Free is Free"

    , Albuquerque, NM
    Pros: Free, Plays music , Decent colors Cons: Not very good base , Kind of uncomfortable ,

    A free gift sounds great to me and i am always loosing my damn head phones so this is perfect. They may not be the best sounding or super amazing comfortable but at the price there great. Or just give them away to your little brother.

  • "Hell of a free gift..."

    , AUBURN, CA
    Pros: Sound quality, Cool colors, Cons: Fit is a bit funky,

    I was pretty stoked with these buds. My only real complaint is that they stick a bit far out of my ears. Makes it a little funky when wearing a helmet. Otherwise, I'm pretty darn happy.

  • "not compareable to skullcandy"

    , Ogden, UT
    Pros: sound okay, Cons: dont fit good, no phone capabilities,

    These headphones are descent but not even compareable to skullcandys they dont fit my ears and fall out when i am riding. but if your just chillin listining to music i guess they are ok.

  • "good bud"

    , APO, AE
    Pros: Good fit & sound, Cons: no iPhone intergration,

    I would compare these to the Skullcandy's buds, minus the iPhone capabilites. The sound quality is what you would expect(nice) and the interchangable buds are also good so that most ear sizes are accomidated for a good all day fit with out irritation & pain. The con I found with these is the with my iPhone comparing them to my pair of Skullcandys as I can talk on the phone with those.

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