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Skullcandy Ink'd Earbuds Paul Frank Black/Red - Discontinued Model

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  • Polycarbonate
  • NcFeb neodymium
Driver: 11mm
Frequency Response:
  • 20 Hz - 20,000 Hz
Input Connection:
  • 3.5mm
Cord Length: 1.3
In Line Volume Adjuster:
  • No
In Line Mic:
  • No
Manufacturer Warranty:
  • 1 Year

Description: Skullcandy Ink'd Earbuds Paul Frank Black/Red - Discontinued Model

The Skullcandy Ink''d Earbuds Paul Frank Black/Red delivers a full range of sound in a little package. Featuring silicone ear buds in two sizes for individual fit and comfort, these little earbuds sound better than many larger and more expensive headphones. Manufactured by a company known for their quality products, the Skullcandy earbuds include a gold plated braided cord and reduces passive noises with the a special in-ear design. With the great color and design, you will be the envy of all your friends when they see you wearing a set of the Skullcandy Ink''d Earbuds Paul Frank Black/Red.

Key Features of The Skullcandy Ink''d Earbuds:
  • Speaker Diameter: 11mm
  • Magnet Type: NdFeB
  • Frequency range: 20 -20K Hz
  • Impedance: 16 ohms
  • Max Input Power: 100mw
  • Cable Length: 1.3m
  • Plug Type: 3.5mm Gold Plated

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  • "works like a champ!"

    , CA
    Pros: they fit good in the ears alot of rubber fittings, comfortable, great sound Cons: after some abuse one ear piece goes out , rubber ear piece gets dirty, the phone jack connecter starts to fray

    One ear piece set last for about 1 year and the ink model has let me down...considering the fact that I accidently ended up washing my headphones by leaving in the pockets of my jeans..least to say I let it dry out and it still works....Best investment ever

  • "okay"

    , Richmond, VA
    Pros: Stay in ear, good sound, Cons: 1 ear stops working,

    These headphones are decent. They have good sound and stay in your ear well, but dont last very long. I have had two pairs, and they both stopped working in one ear. One thing a lot of people don't know though, is that they have a lifetime warranty. If they randomly stop working in one ear, you go online, get your warranty, and then do what they tell (send them back and they give you new pair) Decent.

  • "My Favorite"

    , Kenosha, WI
    Pros: Great Price, Great Sound, Cons:

    I have purchased several pairs of these and they are still my favorites ear buds to buy. I don't like to spend a lot on ear buds so I usually buy pairs that are around $20. I have had other ear buds before that were in the same price range but the quality was not nearly as good as these.

  • "Pop Out"

    , Berkeley, CA
    Pros: Cheap, Good Sound, Cons: Pop out, Break Easy, Sound in One Ear

    Skull Candies are great, just not the cheap ones, and especially the nubs. They fall out a lot while boarding, and hard to put back in your ears with gloves on. The sound is good, but they wear out quick, or lose sound in one ear. Get the chops, or the over the ear headphones

  • "good headphones"

    Pros: has nice in ear sound, does not fall out of your ear, alright bass Cons: breaks after about 2-3 years,

    These are some great headphones I got a while ago. I use them while going down the mountain and on my way to school. They will last about 2-3 years. They stay in your ears and have great in ear sound. they have alright bass and sound great.

  • "Does th job"

    , Waterloo, NSW
    Pros: Good Sound isolation, Cons: Ruberized Cable,

    Theyre an OK headphone, worked fine in the summer. BUT as soon as winter came and tried wearing these with a jacket, the rubberized cable would grip my jacket and often when I turn my head, it will putt it out of my ear.

  • "ok for a cheap pair"

    Pros: good sound, Cons: cheap, breaking,

    I usually get these for like $20 at best buy. I listen to music a lot while im going to school so they dont last more than maybe 5-8 months before something goes wrong. But for $20 I'm ok with that. Good but if you dont mind buying a new pair every 8 months or so. I do go hard on my headphones though.

  • "Finally"

    , San Diego, CA
    Pros: Fit, Bass, Cons: Max Volume,

    These are one of the first ear bud style headphones that fit me (I must have weird ear canals or something). Even the replaceable ear sizes have never quite worked, until these. Didn't even budge while boarding. Only prob is on crusty days, have to go almost to max volume. My last headphones only had to go halfway in same conditions, but I must say they are clear as heck. And the bass was excellent.

  • "Okay"

    , AL
    Pros: Nice sound, Comfortable, Cons: Wire frays,

    So I've had a couple pairs of these headphones and my biggest complaint is that the wire consistently frays after about 2 months of usage, I dont know why or how but it does. Other than that these headphones are really loud! great sound quality!

  • "Good for the price"

    , Minot, ND
    Pros: Comfortable, Loud, Cons: Not great sound quality,

    I've had these headphones for a while now and they are a great deal for the price. They sound really good considering the price is so low. If you are looking for studio quality headphones don't get these but if they are just for everyday use I would say they are a great deal.

  • "Great Buds"

    , Mount Airy, MD
    Pros: Cheap (Usually can find them for 16$), Good sound quality, Good fit Cons: Not the best sound quality, Break regularly,

    I love ink'd headphones because they give me everything I need. NO, they aren't the best quality I've ever head in a headphone, but they are only 16$ (usually is what I buy them as.) They sound great and I actually like them for running because they give me a great sound and they stay snug in my ear even though they are not sports headphones. One con is that they seem to have a curse; I've been buying these regularly for a year or two and I usually go through 2-3 a year... they just seem to die after about six months... I am pretty rough on mine though, so it might just be me...

  • "I own at least three of these!"

    , vancouver, AL
    Pros: Comfortable, Cool design, Small Cons:

    I don't like the idea of chunky headphones that's why these are so perfect. I own at least three of these Skullcandy's in different colors. They are very comfortable and wearable plus you can chnage the size due to the rubber switchable sleeve. You should get these!

  • "alright"

    Pros: cheap, Cons: quality,

    Bought these elsewhere cheaper. They're about the most basic headphones out there. Sound quality could be better, but you get what you pay for. Plus I wouldn't take high end headphones out and risk breaking them in a crash.

  • "i like them"

    , AL
    Pros: in ear sound muting , Cons: could be uncomfortable after couple hours,

    These are nice headphones good sound but can get uncomfortable

  • "Great sound"

    , Alanson, MI
    Pros: Great sound, good fit, good exterior sound dampener Cons:

    Got these this year, Great sound. Only beef with it is the design doesn't fit well underneath my helmet. But they weren't meant for that probably. But otherwise, great cool looking

  • "Nice earbuds"

    Pros: Canclle out noise, Comfy, good sound quality Cons: Not good for snowboarding, Block out other noise, can get covered in ear wax

    These are nice for around town but they block out too much noise to take them snowboarding. Fitting them under a helmet is also a problem they are usually pushed into your ears. but over all they are nice

  • "A Decent Pair Of Headphones"

    , Brookfield, VT
    Pros: good sound, noise cancellation, different sizes to fit your ears Cons: break easily after a while, rubber in-ear pieces are easy to lose!,

    A good pair of headphones. I've had to buy several pairs of them, though, because each time they break after six months or so. They sound good while you have them, and are comfortable in your ears, they just break fairly easily.

  • "Good"

    , AL
    Pros: Stay in ear, good quality, ok bass Cons: cheap,

    I got these headphones for christmas and they and great. Earbuds dont normaly stay in my ear but these did. They are great for the price.

  • "Decent Headphone"

    Pros: Comfortable, Loud, Cons: Break after a while,

    I bought a couple pairs of these on sale a while back, they fit right but are much better for the gym than snowboarding.

  • "Not bad"

    , AL
    Pros: Good price, Fit well, Cons: not the best sound,

    I bought a pair of these for boarding. No the best sound, but they hold up in the snow/ cold, and do not fall out while on the mountain.

  • "Get 'em!"

    , billings, MT
    Pros: great sound, long lasting, comfy fit Cons: sometimes too loud, silicon ear pieces pop off and can be lost,

    I too am having a hard time understanding why some people have seemingly had bad experiences with these buds. I have owned a pair of these for quite some time now, with the only complaint is they can be too loud, due to the 9mm driver in such a small package. I was planning on getting the Skullcandy Smokin' Buds when my Ink'd broke, but they never did. (I own the Smokin' Buds as well, they're great too!) My buds have been through the war and back, and considering I have had many brands/styles to compare them to, Skullcandy are the best. My one issue is, you can find Ink'd buds for as little as $14 other places, not sure if these are the exact same buds?? Sorry, I don't want to drive away biz, but I would recommend the Smokin' Buds over the Ink'd, Especially if they're the same price.

  • "Awesome cheap headphones"

    , AL
    Pros: Cheap, sleek, noise cancelling Cons: Gotta be careful with them,

    I don't know what everyone is complaining about. You completely get what you pay for. Not to mention if you take decent care of them they last forever. I know i've had my pair for a good year. I like how they are small and they cancel out a substantial amount of noise. Perfect for when i'm drumming. Real Solid audio quality too. like I said, you get what you pay for.

  • "Good Earbuds"

    , Wales, ME
    Pros: Many ear attachments, Lots of color choices, Decent sound quality Cons: Bass is sub-par

    For the money these are great earbuds. They fit almost any ear due to all of the attachments, and the sound quality is pretty good. Although, they could have a little better bass, you're probably going to have to pay an arm-and-a-leg to get ones with really good bass. There are plenty of colors to choose from as well. All around a pretty good pair of earbuds.

  • "Okay Headphones."

    Pros: Good sound first time, Stylish, Cons: Doesn't sound as good after a while, Broke after a certain amount of times,

    I bought these a while ago in 09'. I worn them the first time and they were great, i thought the best headphones. But after a while the sound isn't that great and also after a while it just falls apart.

  • "Inconsistent"

    , NV
    Pros: Cancels some noise, Longer cord length, Comes with buds of variable sizes Cons: Inconsistent durability between sets, Breaks easily,

    I have owned 2 pairs. One of the buds randomly quit working in the first, but the second is holding strong. The rubber inserts serve to cancel some noise, but the environment isn't completely muted. I do enjoy the longer cord length and manage to perform some tasks without having to unplug from my computer, for example. If the original buds are too uncomfortable, they come shipped with a larger and smaller pair to better suit your ears. However, it's frustratingly easy to lose rubber inserts, and the extras are larger and smaller than the originals and don't match. Durability between each set is inconsistent. One broke too easily while the other is surviving. I'm sure there are more affordable options for the price. Some may opt to purchase higher quality headphones as well.

  • "Skull Candy Headphones"

    Pros: noise cancelling, good sound, stays in ears Cons: cheap material,

    The sound quality is decent for the price, especially while going down slopes.

  • "not bad at all"

    , Whistler, BC
    Pros: durable, fit well into the ear, Cons:

    Decent earphones, I do like the fact that they actually go into your ear compared to the proper ipod earphones. The sound is pretty decent for the price you pay and they're good to just thrash around and not worry about. They aren't awesome but you really get what you pay for. If you can grab this one on the cheap id recommend it, although there's probably better products out there for a similar price, you just need to shop around.

  • "love these"

    , AL
    Pros: good sound, awesome colors , Cons: expensive,

    These are by far my favorite head phones! Normally I dont like to spend more than 15$ on head phones cause I loose or break them while boarding but these are too good to give up!

  • "mehhh"

    , diamond bar, CA
    Pros: stylish, cheap, Cons: shoddy sound quality,

    Only buy for style, but not for sound quality.

  • "Great for the price"

    Pros: Cheap, Different size ear pieces, Cons: Flimsy jack,

    The MSRP for these is relatively high for what you get, but on numerous occasions I have found these for as cheap as $9. IF you get get them for under $20 I think they are definitely worth it. I tried out the smokin' buds and like these ones more. They have pretty good sound quality and are comfortable if using your correct rubber ear piece size. As far as the quality to price ratio goes, these are excellent. Clearly they wont outperform a $100 pair of buds, people need to realize that. But for as cheap as these are, good luck finding anything better.

  • "Good value"

    Pros: Price, Cons:

    I have 3 or 4 of these that I carry around in my backpack and leave in random places. They're good for carrying around since you don't have to be overly afraid of the cables getting messed up the way you would with $200+ headphones. That said, the sound quality is pretty good. There's only a small difference to me between these and my Hesh and Skullcrushers.

  • "Not Durable"

    , charlottesville, VA
    Pros: Sound Incredible, Good fit, Cons: Break easy,

    These are great if you don't plan to use them while riding. They have great sound but mine broke after a few months. I had a couple of spills so that could be the reason.

  • "Inkd Buds"

    , Champaign, IL
    Pros: Great Sound Quality, Comfortable, Great Warranty Cons:

    So one day I was on my college campus, and my earbuds went out on me. I had been through about 4 or 5 pairs of headphones in the 2 years I had had my iPod, so it became standard for me to need a new pair all the time. When I put these in my ear, I was AMAZED at how much better the bass was compared to other headphones I had tried (some of which were more expensive). This was all back a couple years is now 2010 and I am just now needing new ones b/c mine are (finally) going out. So all this bs people are saying about them going out is kinda' weird for me. I have wrapped and unwrapped those things around my iPod for years and have not had any trouble with them until recently. The cord is finally starting to come apart at the base. So I finally get to buy a pretty color pair. These headphones are great! I would recommend them to anyone. They are very nicely made and all come with a life-time warranty or option to get a discount on your next purchase if your headphones should fail. So I say this, you will spend just as much money (if not more) on nicer earbuds that will break in half the time. It can't hurt to try them. Mine have lasted 4 times longer than other headphones.

  • "Alright"

    Pros: skullcandy, cheap, Cons: small,

    I dont really like them. They are too small for me. They dont look that cool. They break really easy. I wouldnt recommend them I would recommend the icons.

  • "Ink'd"

    Pros: Cheap, Durable, Bass Cons: Not Bose,

    I bought these headphones last year I enjoyed them for a while. They had great bass and they were great for boarding. They stayed in my ears. The only problem was when I got my bose I couldnt down grade back down to these.

  • "pretty good"

    , St. Louis, MO
    Pros: great sound, Cons: sometimes one side stops working,

    I had these headphohnes for about a year and a half and they were great when both sides worked but a lot of times one of the earbuds stops working

  • "Good"

    , Montreal, QC
    Pros: Good quality, Good looking, Cheap Cons: Low useful life,

    Breaks in 3-4 months in my experience. Only costs like 15$ so its ok

  • "great for boarding"

    Pros: cheap, quality is decent, Cons: wires inside breaks off easily,

    I get these headphones from my school and I use them for boarding. I love the headphones that comes with ipods so I keep those for non-snowboarding uses because I don't want to lose them or ruin them in the snow. The sound quality on these are pretty good compared to the gummy headphones. The base is so much better and the earpieces fit my ears well so they stay in while I board. My school just stopped supplying me with these but i'll still buy them once all of mine blows out (which doesnt happen often).

  • "Alright"

    , AL
    Pros: Stayed in ears well, not bad sound, Cons: one side stopped working,

    Got these a year ago, after a couple months one side stopped working. Then after another couple months I dropped them in a puddle and they died. When it did work I didnt have any complaints. They stayed in my ears fine and sounded fine.

  • "great buds"

    , Ogden, UT
    Pros: fit good , sound good , stay in my ears Cons: brake easy,

    I bought these headphone a couple months ago and they sounded great while they lasted but they broke pretty easily but with skullcandys lifetime warranty you can just get them replaced so I would recomend these headpjones to anyone.

  • "decent"

    , victorville, CA
    Pros: nice sound, stay in my ears, Cons: break WAY TOO EASY, wires blowout, pricey for nothing

    Theyre great when you get em, but when you wet the inside they no longer work because they aren't weatherproof

  • "good but pricey headphones"

    , San Diego, CA
    Pros: in ear , different silicone sizes , Cons: price,

    I can't believe it took someone this long to create great headphones. I love the different silicone sizes that come with the headphones. Not everyone has the same sized ears. The in ear technology tunes out the outside noise so you can just go down the mountain to whatever you're listening too. To pay $30 for headphones is kind of ridiculous. If you double that, you could get an ipod shuffle.

  • "great!"

    Pros: good bass, noise cancelling, in ear Cons: left side broke after about a year,

    Got these same ones for 8 bucks in a store.

  • "Not quite worth the money"

    , Grand Rapids, MI
    Pros: Good Sound Quality, Noise Cancelling, Comfy Cons: Could have better sound, way over priced,

    I have owned these headphones for just shy of a year and are much better than the ipod ones. The fit great and have decent sound but could be better. I can tell that between when I first got them and now the quality of sound has gotten a little worst. If you are looking for new headphones I would reccomment the new frends headphones over these in a heartbeat...Bottom line unless you can get these for 15$ don't get them

  • "Decent headphones"

    , jenison, MI
    Pros: Fit well, block outside noise, good sound Cons: cheaply made, high priced,

    These are my current headphones that I have had for half a year and they have held up well considering the cheap build of them. I didnt and wouldnt pay $40 bucks for them when here you can get the smokin buds for 18. (actually higher quality earbuds)

  • "Alright quality."

    Pros: Very nice quality sound, Cons: Earbud failure subject to happen,

    I've had two pairs of these this year, and neither have lasted more than five months. The sound quality is a step up from your average iPod earbuds, but include similar problems. One of the earbud always ends up dying, with the strain at the jack -- When you wiggle it a bit, the sound comes back. But this also causes the other one to break and eventually neither work. Also, those little silicon ear things? You lose the medium size, and no other size will fit as nicely. Eight bucks for more isn't really worth it. At least I can keep claiming on warranty in the short period they break.

  • "INk'D"

    , Fort Monmouth, NJ
    Pros: Great sound quality, Block out sound, Comfortable Cons: fall out your ears when your boarding,

    Overall I love these earbuds I bought my first pair two years ago and one the earbuds went out so I bought another pair I love them by far the best earbuds I have owned.

  • "Expensive"

    , AL
    Pros: Sound isolation, Stay in, Cons: Cheaply-made, Expensive,

    I owned these headphones for a while until they broke in my helmet after a bad crash. They're basic headphones, and definitely not worth the $40 price tag. No problems though, great sound isolation for in ears and they stay in pretty good.

Skullcandy Ink'd Earbuds Paul Frank Black/Red - Discontinued Model
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