Loft Windsurfing Sails

Loft Windsurfing Sails are selling out fast at The House! Customers are taking advantage of our high percentage sales so grab your new Loft Windsurfing Sails while you still can. Designed to be functional, convenient and appealing, these high performance Windsurfing Sails by Loft are exceptionally satisfactory. Order your new Loft Windsurfing Sails today and we'll ship out your new purchase within 24 hours Monday-Friday.

Loft Windsurfing Sails

Size: 4m
Reg: $424.95 On Sale: $294.95
A Word from Loft Sails:
Windsurfing's ultimate challenge is to be well adapted to your windsurfing conditions everywhere. Some say this is not possible- others have discovered The Loft. Trim reactivity is essential. Trim adapts your rig to your experience- onshore & sideshore, strong winds & light winds, flatwater & chop. Maximized performance available at the flick of your trim.

Trim reactivity is your window to expanded use range. Loftsails are especially trim reactive- by design.

For 2007 The Loft builds on its 06 success by the application of improvements to the Wave Lip and O2 Freeride & Freerace sail lines- new molded features, new materials, new batten taper schedules. The sum of Loft details creates your progressive ride.

The Loft was born in 1999 with the aim of making windsurfing accessible, easy and efficient. Our philosophy is wind/use range expansion of our sail designs, not to expand the number of sail ranges we offer.

Loftsails breathe... performance you can feel. Experience it!
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