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Rome 390 Snowboard Bindings

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Type: All Mountain, Freestyle
Entry Method: Conventional Strap
Highback: Asymmetrical, 390 Asym Highback
Ankle Strap: 3D Profile, Contour Ankle Strap
Toe Strap: Toe Cap
Baseplate: Hybrid, V-Rod Baseplate
Baseplate Padding: Fullbed, SubBase-V Pad / Adjustable Toe and Heel Ramp
Ratchet Type: Metal
Flex: Medium, 5
Compatibility: 4x4
Recommended Use: Beginner, Intermediate
Baseplate Warranty: 1 Year
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year

Description: Rome 390 Snowboard Bindings

The binding that has defined the collective addiction for Rome for the last few years, rails, pow lines, jumps, butters, cliff drops, slow speeds, high speeds has been reborn. The revolutionary "rocker" V-Rod Baseplate uses a narrow footprint to let your board flex as naturally as possible, while merging toe-to-heel power with increased side-to-side flexibility. Above the heel hoop, the new Asym Highback follows the inward lean of your lower leg while also maintaining the power input point on the outside upper corner. All built on Rome's unique UnderWrap chassis for direct energy transmission AND freestyle freedom.

Key Features of the Rome 390 Snowboard Bindings:
  • V-Rod Baseplate
  • UnderWrap.2 Heel Hoop
  • 390 Asym Highback
  • ConFormist.2 Toe Strap
  • Contour Ankle Strap
  • SubBase-V Pad
  • Highback Rotation
  • 9Times Ankle Strap Positioning
  • Adjustable Toe and Heel Ramp


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390 Performs!!
The 2011 Rome 390 perfoms well in all the tests I put it through. I have spent many years riding Burton and Salomon bindings and was able to put a pair of the 2011 390s to the test this spring and summer. What I look for in a binding is something that I don't have to pay atttention to while I am riding. These bindings truely disapperar under my feet. Once you learn to set them up, which is a bit tricky with the four seperate components under foot that make up the foot bed, they are quite easy to dial in for the size and shape of your boot. I ride a 8.5 boot and find that I want to ride a L/XL so that the metal frame of the binding extends closer to the toe edge of the board for better response. I could easily ride a M/L but would recommend a L/XL for any rider with a size 9+ boot. I used this binding in steep terrain, in the pipe, on jumps big and small, on jibs and just cruising around the hill. I can say what I have been spending the extra time each day I go out to ride to put the 390s on what ever board I am pulling out of the quiver. If you are looking for jib specific you may want to go with something that is a little more low profile under foot, but for everything else get your self on a pair of 390s. I also got a chance to ride the x which I loved, but am yet to ride on a pair of the new Boss 390s. I am not into the cant beds so the Boss 390 is an unnecessary upgrade for me. By the way, these destroy the performance I get out of my Cartels.
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August 25, 2010
I rode these for one whole season and was very pleased. They had a really nice comfortable feel and absorbs most of the shock from landings. the rubber insert between them and the board keeps the board from getting those bindings imprints. All around great brindings
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September 7, 2010
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November 26, 2010
The 2011 I will rave about just as much as I did the 2010. With the 2010 390 I had a weird dimple over my baby toe when I wrenched the strap down tight, but the 2011 doesn't do this!!
This binding is amazingly responsive, comfortable, and can totally take a beating.
The only down side is that the base plates are stubborn when you need to remove them and tighten your screws, but otherwise these are the best bindings out there imo =
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October 16, 2010
Siiiiiick Bindings
These are by far the best bindings I've ever used. I love how easy it is to unstrap the bindings. The base plate has a natural lift on it so you ride a little higher than other bindings I've tried, giving your toes and heels a little more room on those sharp turns. The toe straps stretch around the toe of your boots so they fit perfectly with any boot.

The only con is that the toe straps hang forward when not strapped in. So when skating with one foot sometimes I kick the toe strap with my back foot and stumble a bit
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January 28, 2011
not to bad to set up and comfotable
I want to start off by saying I have not yet ridden these bindings. I am writing this review in response to a few people that said these were tricky to set up. These are the first bindings I have ever owned or attempted to set up and found them pretty easy to set up if you follow the directions that come with them. I was able to adjust the size, set the rotation, adjust the highback angle,highback lean, and adjust the straps without too much effort. The one thing I forget is to check to make sure the toe straps were both in the same position before I mounted them. The buckle to adjust the straps were VERY hard to close, too some muscle to get them back closed.

The Strap is SUPER comfortable. Kinda feels like a gel ice pack. I love the rubber band things that hold the ankle strap out of the way to make it way easier to step into.

Anybody new to setting these up feel free to PM me. I have gotten a ton of help and we got to keep paying it forwar
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November 14, 2010
Awesome binding
My friend rides these bindings on his 2011 Never Summer SL and we swapped boards for half a day. This set up was absolutely awesome. Since this is a review of the bindings, I will stick solely to those. They are awesome because it doesn't even feel like I am wearing any. It feels like they are a part of my leg and foot. It feels like they mold and then any movement I make with my legs, the board automatically responds. I rode the board on groomers and in the chop and it performed phenomenally. I very much recommend you pick these up if you have the means. I want these but that means a new set up because I roll on the channel system which is still solid but these bindings are changing my mind
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January 23, 2011
I went to Session 5 at Windells this summer and was fortunate enough to demo these bindings. I demo'd them the third day of camp and couldn't get myself to go back to my K2 bindings for the rest of the week. They can be adjusted to fit to your boot without any pressure points. Hands down the most comfortable binding I have ever ridden while at the same time giving me enough support to land bigger park features.
I ride with size 11-11.5 Salomon Solace boots and the L/XL bindings worked great with the pair.
Definitely 2 thumbs up for Rome on the 390's performance.
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August 28, 2010
I got these bindings for xmas along with an artifact board and they just go hand in hand. i love the top binding because it is fat the padding under for top comfort. the only problem i have is when when strapping in sometimes you cant slip it in more than a few time or it will lock up on you.
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December 26, 2010
Rome 390 is really good!
Before these bindings I had 5150's, and boy were these a step up. I bought these bindings and I love them to death. These bindings have no pressure points so I barely even noticed that I'm strapped in half the time. There are many options for this binding when it comes to making adjustments to fit your riding style. I got this binding for about $200 which i thought was pretty reasonable. The only issue i had with the binding was that the bolts that came with it were a little too short, so i had to remove the rubber piece that sits underneath the binding. after that it fit perfectly.
Overall I'm very happy with this binding and I would highly recommend this to any rider of any skill level, advanced or novice.
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December 23, 2010
Perfect match with rome artifact
Perfect binding to match up with a park board. the flex gives you the mobility to whatever.
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November 8, 2010
a classic
i use this binding on my jib board, although its not a super soft flex which would be ideal, it is very very very very very very durable. probably the best when it comes to durability. the chassis is solid metal. bindings usually break mid season on my jib board, this binding lasts me about 2 years. super stoke to shred with it
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October 5, 2010
Sick Bindings!
I stand by Rome 390 bindings. I had the 2006 ones and they were awesome! The only this is that I had the M/L four years ago. Now I have a size 9.5 boot (Burton Ion), so I thought I should get the L/XL Rome 390. However, I have a hard time centering the straps over my boots because when I tighten my straps as much as I can with them centered, it starts slipping (without holding my boot tightly enough). So, I had to offset the straps a little so I could crank them down tight enough. These are fantastic bindings though. So comfy (even without them centered), and I love the flex for killing all over the mountain and in the park. These are the best bindings by far. I don't wear my K2 Formulas or my Union Forces because these bindings kick bootayyyy. Words for the wise: watch your sizing. But all in all, excellent bindings and I would definitely consider getting them if I were you
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December 21, 2010
Nothing Beats The 390s
I've been riding the Rome 390s for a few years now, and I don't see myself going to another binding ever. I've tried Ride, Burton, Flux, Union, etc, and nothing works for me better than these. I know everybody has their own preference and this is just the binding that works for me. They are sooo easy to adjust and I've never had a problem even in arctic winters freezing up on me. They have great flex weather you're riding all mountain or park. The comfort level is beyond any binding I've ridden. You can't beat the killer graphics either. I just got the Acids a week ago and I love them A++++
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December 5, 2010
Absolutely ridiculous
I've only had Rome bindings, and I'd never look elsewhere except maybe except Union Forces (maybe next year). 390's are always dependable. Just do it
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December 20, 2010
Never ride anything else
I have rode romes forever. solid solid bindings. I'd never get anything else. I'd compare them to union forces. Just overall solid binding for any terrain
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January 23, 2011
390 is the real deal (version 2)
Well, what can i say? my first review got flagged as spam. Here goes version 2.

I've been riding these bindings for the past two seasons, and overall they are really well constructed. At some points, the screws holding together my ratchets have become loose, but nothing that can't be fixed easily.

When i first got these i was switching over from ride betas, and the comfort level is much better than any lightweight binding with no strap padding (obviously).

After riding them for a year on my agent, i picked up a pair for my skate naner, which is my current preferred setup. we'll see what i end up buying this year, i'm fickle.

definitely would pick these up if you are curious, great pair of bindings
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October 27, 2010
Goo quality binding
Ive been able to use the 390's recently and I think they are great. I had been riding a 2009 burton freestyle binding so this was a big upgrade for me. The first thing I noticed was the straps had no tight pressure points on the boot. Really comfy, made it feel like your feet were magically attached to the board. The toe strap is also great because it can be used on top of your toe or more like a toe cap. I use it as a toe cap and it just flexs with my boot and doesnt slip, unlike many toe cap strap bindings. Binding offers lots of tooless easy adjustments to do to fit your boots exactly perfect. Overall this bindings are great, and if you have the money buy them, their one of the best all mountain bindings out there
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December 28, 2010
This would be my second set of bindings. My Cartels broke after 12 rides, Burton replaced the baseplate (lifetime warranty)

Ended up selling the old setup and went with the Arbor Coda and Rome 390 (Acid) setup. Best decision I've ever made. The bindings are modular, so I was able to modify it to fit my riding style.

They are super comfy and made to last. They are so good, I got my buddy to buy the exact same bindings. He is loving the new bindings too!
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December 9, 2010
works for me
i just used them for the 1st time today and they were much better than the gnu bindings i have been using... responsive, theres just enough give in the back of the binding to make for a comfy ride..
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January 15, 2011
Love em!
I love these bindings. I own 2 different pairs. Soft flex but still responsive. I use them for all mountain or when riding the park.
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November 12, 2010
Great Bindings
Purchased a set of these binding to go with my 2010 Sierra Crew. I am a beginner and plan on doing mostly all mountain and eventually hitting some small kickers or park features.

Right out of the box I knew these were going to be really good. The build quality is excellent. Although unimportant to functionality, the paint leaves a little to be desired, doesn't seem like it will hold up to abuse.

There is a ton of adjustability in this binding. Toe Strap, Ankle Strap, High Back (forward lean, rotation), foot bed, etc. I took my time with setting them up and it seemed to go together real easy. I suggest anyone putting them on their board take the time to get it right as it can be daunting if in a rush.

As for comfort, these are a huge step-up from a set of rentals I have used in the past. Toe Strap is great and conforms to any boot, Burton Rulers in my case. Ankle strap is super cush. Cranking down on the straps makes me feel one with the board.

Difference between these and the Rome 390 Boss are the included degreed cant beds. Personally, I didn't feel the extra $20 was worth it in the end.

Anyone looking for a new set of binders should definitely take these into consideration
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January 10, 2011

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