Garrett McKenzie


Youth Snowboarding – Garrett McKenzie

One of the first things you’ll notice about Garrett Mckenzie is that he doesn’t care what you think. He’s never bogged down with peer pressure and what everyone thinks is cool; that’s why he rides and lives like he does. Garrett can look at a park and create a line that would make Picasso blush. Growing up and spending most of his days riding Wild Mountain with Benny Milam, Garrett took his skateboarding style and started applying it to snow. Garrett has caught the attention of some of the biggest companies in snowboarding, and he’s already started the march towards world domination. There isn’t very many youth snowboarders that do what he does, nor will there ever be.

Youth Snowboarding – Garrett McKenzie

Eventually you’ll have to get up to get down, and if you want to do it like Garrett check out his gear.

Neff BeanieRome Mob BindingsRome Artifact Rocker SnowboardRome Libertine BootsHolden Skinny Grey Classics PantsHolden McMillian JacketAshbury Kaleidoscope Goggles

1. Helmet: Sandbox – Certified – Medium
2. Beanie: Neff x Windells
3. Goggles: Ashbury – Kaleidoscope
4. Jacket: Holden – McMillian – Medium
5. Gloves: Howl – Maroon – Medium
6. Pants: Holden – Skinny Grey Classics – Medium
7. Boots: Rome – Libertine – Size 8
8. Bindings: Rome – Mob – Medium
9. Board: Rome – Artifact Rocker – 144cm