Benny Milam


Youth Snowboarding – Benny Milam

Benny Milam will be the next kid blowing out of the Midwest leaving the rest of his peers in his wake. Benny and a close friend Garrett McKenzie have been thrashing the Midwest snowboard and skate scene and their destruction rampage is far from over. The ability level of youth snowboarding has grown faster than ever before and at this rate Benny may be, one day, one of the best riders on the planet.

Youth Snowboarding – Benny Milam

In order to rip like Benny you better have the right kit to get the job done. If you like hard street riding, huge jumps, and Evil Knievel speed check what Benny rides.

1. Helmet: Smith – Maze – Small
2. Beanie: Volcom – Krug
3. Goggle: Smith I/OS
4. Jacket: Volcom – Slapdit Slim Hoodie – Medium
5. Mittens: Celtek – Bitten by a Mitten – Medium
6. Pants: Volcom – Loft – Small
7. Boots: Flow – Rift Coiler – Size 7
8. Bindings: Flow – Fives – Small
9. Board: Flow – Micro Verve – 135cm


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