Telling you that today is Go Skateboarding Day would be like reminding you that Christmas is tomorrow. You know, I know it, everyone knows it. There’s so much going on, from the events hosted by retail giants and footwear behemoths to the parking lot that your town has deemed ‘The Spot,’ skateboarding is alive and well.

It hasn’t always been like this. The industry has had it’s ups and downs, and in the face of an economic slump the skateboarders have prospered. So why do we skate? Everyone undoubtedly has a different answer. The one that seems to come to many minds first, is that ‘skateboarding saved my life.’ That may be well and true, and without something to spend your time on you might spend it getting into trouble. But isn’t that little bit of trouble what draws us to seven plys of maple in the first place. Those signs everywhere telling you you’re not allowed here, seems to ignite a little fire inside that says, I’m gonna go here anyways.

Once you’ve cleared that rebel stage, you get into the phase where you’re just out there having fun with your friends, whether it’s learning tricks, just being outside, or just the simple appreciation of not having a coach yelling in your ear about wind sprints and defense. If you can find it inside yourself to turn this fun stuff into a passion that you want to make a career out of, then you’ve taken it all the way.

Hit this stage running and be ensured a lifetime membership to the skateboarding industry. Your days consist of the neverending pursuit of that just-landed-a-new-trick-for-the-first-time feelin’, and feelin’ that feeling is something that can’t be matched.

So today, conveniently the longest of the year, take some time to thank your maple and thank your urethane, close the laptop and go push around!!!

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