What is "Cant" in a Snowboard Binding?

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Stand over your snowboard. Look down at your bindings. When Canting is applied to a snowboard binding footbed, a small amount of tilt is created by having the footbed higher on the outside of your foot than the inside. It cants your knees inward towards each other, which enables a rider to get more pop out of his or her board, boost bigger ollies, and explode turn-to-turn. Since rocker was reintroduced and is now present throughout most snowboard lines, this technology is being used by many companies to compensate for the diminished pop associated with rockered shapes—at least compared to the springloaded pop of traditional camber. Canting adds power over the nose and tail, and companies like Ride and Rome offer varying heights of canting. Freestyle riders tend to prefer a little canting but not too much, while all mountain riders will utilize more canting for added drive and pop. -MH

Rome’s “Yes I Can’t” Binding Tech

Ride’s “Wedgie” Footbed Technology



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