What has Antti been up to?

Pretty much everybody knows the insanely amazing Finny Antti Autti. But what has he been up to lately you might ask? Well, aside from launching a new line of boards (Antti for NDK), leaving Flow, starting up his own website (Anttisworld.com), taking his career in a new direction by getting out of competing, testing his new line in about 2 meters of fresh pow in Austria, and mmmmmm well, still rocking life traveling all over the world, not a whole lot.

Yeah Antti’s life is pretty amazing, but the good news is now we can watch all the killer parts of his life as they happen. That’s basically the point of Anttisworld, his new site, which is going to be launching in just a few days. Transworld business got an interview with Antti where he lays it all down, but basically he wants to utilize his site to market his line of snowboards with Nidecker and more importantly he wants to be able to show us what is happening this season now so we won’t have to wait till next year for it to come out in a video.

In my opinion this is the future of the snowboard industry. His snowboard line is starting off with two main boards, a powder board and a park board, and they aren’t doing any more till they get those ones perfected. And he’s keeping us posted on a current and as-it-happens stream line. Atta boy Antti Autti. This kid just keeps getting ’em right. Keep your eyes pealed, some are already at it, but I bet you anything more riders are going to start doing this…

Anttisworld Teaser from Anttisworld on Vimeo.

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  1. kater October 30, 2009 at 2:50 pm - Reply

    Anttisworld.com is up and running! check it out…

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