Welcome to the Team: Justine Pinkerton

Justine Pinkerton

Justine Pinkerton added to The House Boardshop’s Snowboard Team

Justine Pinkerton has been on the House’s radar for the last few seasons, and after she dropped her 2012/2013 Full Season Edit, we knew she had a spot on the team.  Born in Canada, raised in Wisconsin, and thriving at Trollhaugen Justine keeps a smile on her face while she enjoying the company of her friends while making endless laps on the towrope.

She caught the eye of Rome Snowboard’s very own Rich Whinnie and he’s been flowing her product ever since.  Do you want to get down like Justine?  Check out the Shred to Toe article featuring Justine and see what she’ll be rocking this season.

Cheers to you Justine, WELCOME TO THE TEAM, we’re amped to help keep your stoke at 100%.

Check out the Shred to Toe article featuring Justine and peep the gear she rocks that helps her get up to get down.


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