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Arbor Snowboards grew out of a need to save the planet. Way back in 1995 they realized, before many others, that the way we humans were conducting ourselves was not going to allow us to keep snowboarding forever. So they changed the game by changing the way boards are made. They replaced everything in the process they could with sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

Now known as the Arbor Collective, this little Venice Beach-based brand has evolved into skateboards and apparel. Their clothing line revolves around the use of bamboo, and produces a super-soft feel that is also super sustainable. Since Arbor began their assault on atmospheric abuse, many other companies have hopped on the bandwagon and grabbed hold of all the morals Arbor lives by and turned them into buzzwords used by companies across all industries.

Their doors in Venice are always open, and they love visitors. Their shop is so cool that it’s not uncommon to bump into any of their riders there, like Chelone Miller, Nick Visconti, Scotty Vine, Danny Thomas and Eli Weiner hanging out in the slower summer months. Or maybe you’ll see someone from their surf or skate teams and you can talk them into paddling out or pushing around right outside the shop. –EM



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