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Analog Clothing has a history as complex as the watches with which they share their namesake. It all started back in 1998, when a couple of the Burton guys starting rocking pieces of a small Burton offshoot line. Trevor Andrew and Keir Dillon pushed the clothing to grow into more than just a little corner of the Burton catalog. In 2003, Analog stood up on its laurels as high-fashion snowboarding gear and jumped into streetwear with a surf and skate team too. This move spread the Analog style across the entire culture of boardsports, and firmly established them as a brand worn by only the most talented and tasteful.

Now, Analog brings it all together for the guys on the hill (sorry ladies) like no one else with their Analog Technical Fashion pieces. This line features stuff that you would normally wear to a night out on the town but with hidden details that make them perfect for shredding without getting soaked or frostbitten. Which is good, because it’s really hard to show up for après-ski drinks and meet babes when you’re sopping wet or wearing a thermal full of holes and pit stains.

In addition to Danny Davis, Mikkel Bang and Zak Hale on the snowboard team, their stuff is worn in the water by Benji Weatherley and Nathan Fletcher, and over asphalt by Arto Saari, Dylan Rieder, and Stefan Janoski. So should you decide that you are one of action sports more discerning tastes when it comes to fashion, Analog is a great place to start.


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