The Rossignol Angus and Justice with Amptek Camber


With all these new camber options around it can be hard to know which one is going to be best for your specific type of riding. The best way to tell is to get out and demo a bunch of different boards and feel for yourself how the different styles fit your riding. But for now I’ll just tell you a little about the Amptek that I recently demoed and loved.

A lot of brands and people will tell you that if you’re going to have a rocker board the reverse camber bend should stay between the bindings. Well, Rossignol went the other way on that one. Amptek, short for amplification technology, is 1mm of camber in between the bindings and an early rise starting at the bindings and out to the tip and tail. Amptek is brand new for the 09/10 season and no other companies have a camber like it. The Rossignol boards that have it are the men’s Angus and the women’s Justice. These boards are pretty much identical, with a few exceptions to make them specific for men and women.

One problem with rocker technology is that it doesn’t always handle very well on groomed runs. Rocker boards have been praised for their feel on rails and powder, but edge control is lacking. Rossignol designed Amptek to provide a good even ride in all conditions. The early rise in the nose and tail will allow the board to float in powder and flow smooth over boxes and rails and the camber in between the bindings will provide for more grip and edge control on hard packed snow.

The Angus and Justice are both an all mountain freestyle board with a sintered 4400 base. A sintered base is going to be much faster and more durable than an extruded base, and the 4400 is going to be much easier to maintain than a 7500 base. The numbers stand for how many pores there are per square inch in the base. More pores means the base will absorb more wax making it faster, but it also requires more frequent waxing making it more high maintenance.

The flex is where the Angus and Justice differ. The Angus has a 7 flex pattern while the Justice is a 5. All boards are ranked on a 0-10 scale for stiffness, 0 being play-doh and 10 being cement. The boards both have a directional twin shape which means that the bindings can be centered, but the nose is softer than the tail. Rossignol says this makes for better punch on kickers and solid landings and a smoother ride.

Flex Pattern for the Angus and Justice:


The boards both also have a Wood CK core. Wood, means that the boards have a tip to tail 100% wood core, and the CK means that the core is infused with Carbon and Kevlar fibers. The Carbon and Kevlar will give the boards extra punch and durability for a better performance in the park and for all mountain freestyle riding. When I demoed the Justice I found that the Wood CK core worked. I was ollieing and popping all over the place with ease. I had a ton of fun on the Justice for the few short runs I was on it. These boards work for any level of rider from beginners to advanced, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

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  1. FSH January 20, 2010 at 5:03 am - Reply

    Hi! Any binding recommendations for the Angus?

  2. kater January 20, 2010 at 1:50 pm - Reply

    Rossignol recommends their Cobra bindings. This is probably the best way to go since they designed both the board and binding the two will have been designed to work well together for riding styles and conditions. If you want a little more variety Union and Flux are always good brands to look at. Since this is an all mountain freestyle board try to find a binding with a mid range flex, maybe a little on the softer side, but that will depend on your riding style. If you do more park and freestyle go softer, if you do more carving and freeriding go with stiffer flex.
    Hope it helps. Thanks for the comment!
    What do you call a fish with no eyes?…. FSH

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